Best Cat Videos on YouTube

Nothing can make me smile or bring me to tears quicker than cute animal videos, especially cat videos. So here from Mikey's House are 7 of our favorite cat video's....hope you like them too.

# 1  Oskar the Blind Kitten and His First Toys

This video brought out so much emotion in me and not just because of the sweet little blind cat but because of his parents as well. It is obvious how much Oskar is loved and for me...this video will be number one in my heart for a long time to come. This is what being a compassionate human being is all about.

#2  I Want....

And let me just say that this video was number one for us for a while, a long while but seeing number one you will understand why it has moved to number two

#3  Lazy cat on treadmill

This touched my heart even though it is suppose to be just funny because the cat obviously looks like my       Mikey but the fact that he really doesn't want anything to do with this treadmill yet he doesn't get mad, he doesn't hiss or scratch, he just refuses to participate and he made my heart smile, such a good boy

#4  kitten in hamster ball
What can i say? This is just funny stuff

#5  November Gets on the Treadmill

 This cat is amazing, he is loving this, he even starts to pant but still he runs

#6  Cat Talking, Translation

No words, just laughter

#7  Animals of YouTube sing "Deck the Halls"

 And this my friends is brilliant


Meowy Christmas

White cat wearing Santa Hat

Twas the night before Christmas, in the sleeping cats house, 
Not a feline was stirring-for even a mouse,
Cat stockings were hung by the door with care,
In hope Santa Paws soon would be there.

The kittens were snuggled in mama cats bed,
With brothers and sisters curled head-to-head,
And mama cat on her quilt, and I on my mat,
Had just settled into a delicious catnap.

When out of the yard there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my mat to see what was the matter.
Away to the windows, I flew like a flash,
Climbed up the curtains, and pressed my nose to the glass.

And what in the world did my feline eyes see,
But a small golden chariot, pulled by cats just like me!
With a fluffy old driver, so white and so furry,
I knew in a moment it must be Saint Purr-y.

More rapid than rabbits his kitties did came,
And he yowled and meowed, calling each cat by name.
"On, Slippers, On, Sneakers, On, Bigfoot, On, Spats!
Christmas is coming, lets go gentle cats."

Now, White Sox, Now, Bootsie, Lets go gloves and mittens!
To the back porch we do fly! lets go cats and kittens!
So down to the catdoor, his kittens they flew,
With a catnip filled chariot-and Santa Paws too.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the latch.
The paws and clawing of Santa-paws scratch,
As I sniffed for his scent and looked all around,
Through the cat door Santa-paws came with a bound.

His eyes how they sparkled, his whiskers, how merry!
His cheeks were like marshmallows,his pink nose like a cherry! 
His little cat mouth was drawn up like a bow,
And the fur on his paws was as white as the snow.

He meowed not a word, but went straight to his work,
And filled all the stockings, and turned with a jerk.
Then washing his whiskers, his ears, coat and tail,
After having a snack, out the cat door he sailed.

He jumped in his chariot, to his team gave a yowl,
And away they all flew, like nine cats on the prowl,
But I heard him meow, as he drove out of sight,
"Meowy Christmas to all, an to all a good night."

Author Unknown

Model is Mikey

Warning...This Post is Graphic with the Intention to only Help

Last nights it all started off so innocent. I ran across a photograph of a seal that resembled my Mikey a great deal so I decided to do a little post about it over at Redbubble in Cats Pajamas. It was really cute and here is the result.....LOL

So anyway, while I am getting these photos of the seals, I run across some things that disturbed me a great deal. Now I am not an idiot, I have known my whole life about the "Seal Hunt" in Canada, I have done just about everything I can do as an individual to help them the best I can..........except for looking at the photographs or the videos. Maybe that is lame but I have seen so much animal abuse in my lifetime and I just didn't want to see it happening to that cute little seal face. But as I said, I just happened to see it while looking at something else.

At first it's just a glance at a small thumbnail on the screen the catches my eye, I know immediately what it's about and everything in me wants to look away and go about what I was doing but it was too late, how could I do that? Those poor babies had to endure that horror, the least I could do is look at this one photograph.
Now I am going to show you what I saw when I opened that photograph and there is no blood at all in this photo but to me, it is the most graphic picture I have ever seen. Here it is....

Yes, people, that is an actual adult person getting ready to club that seal to death. I won't say human being because there is nothing human about this person at all. I wish I could take that club from him and stick it up his you know what. This Photograph angers me in a way that not many have and I have seen plenty and don't get me wrong they all piss me off but this hits a place within me that no other has touched. This is flippin' bullshit.

At that point I was totally compelled to see the rest of the photographs and I will now show them to you as well so if you can't handle this stuff then you may want to exit now. I apologize ahead of time for the graphic nature of what you are about to see but these seals need a voice damn it....we have to stop this crap.

If you are anything like me at all, these photographs will be so difficult to look at. I have been crying since last night and though I have always known about the "Seal Hunt" , I never imagined something like this at all.
I mean WTF? This is outrageous and I cannot believe there are people in this world who can do this, these people are truly sick individuals and I don't want to hear any excuses either because any person who can club an innocent baby seal to death over money doesn't deserve to even live, I don't want to breathe the same air as these murderers.

People, we have to stop all of this violence against the animals, not just the seals. It's wrong and we are just too smart to have to do this for any reason. Look at the face of this seal....

We have to help them.

Please go to  or to IFAW to see what you can do to help.........Please.

Valais Blacknose (sheep) So cute.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Valais Blacknose (also known as: Wallis BlacknoseGermanWalliser Schwarznasenschaf (Valaisian black nose sheep),Blacknosed SwissVispVisperschaf)[1] is a breed of domestic sheep originating in the Valais region. It is a coarse-wooled (i.e. mattress, mixed or carpet) breed from Switzerland kept primarily for meat.[2]
Both rams and ewes are horned.

Rescue One

Until there are none ……………… rescue one!

Better to light a candle for one lost animal
than to curse the darkness of man’s indifference.
Saving just one animal won’t change the world, but
it surely will change the world for that one animal!

Model is Monkey


White Cat
My Charming Mikey

Eagle or Hawk?

Red Tailed Hawk

I thought this might be fun and educational...for ME! LOL

I took this photograph while sitting in the drive through at Starbucks. LOL

This amazing animal is sitting on one those huge light poles along Interstate 80.

Now, my first impression was that he or she was an eagle but then after looking on the internet, he looks like he could be a hawk as well.

What do you think?

All I know is that this was one huge bird with such a presence. I was totally in awe, no matter he/she is.

The Spirit of a Homeless Cat

Black Cat

Model is Roo, I rescued him in 2008 when he was homeless.

Roo was put to rest on November 28, 2011.
His presence in our lives is missed every single day.
Roo’s spirit taught me so much about appreciating life…right now.
His sweet soul and kind heart will live on….
for as long as I live, he shall not die.

Hey Mom, my's a little dry.

White Cat
Mikey loves his Bamboo….but I think its obvious that he is not so fond of the dried up version. LOL
Model is Mikey
If you head over to Redbubble you can see the rest of this story in Mikey’s Diary over at Cat’s Pajamas.

What Now?

Grieving Pit Bull
Lily came here as a tiny puppy and instantly her best friend was Petey; he was an Australian Shepard/Border Collie.
Lily and Petey did everything together and then he was gone.
Just like that.
In just a moment everything she knew was gone.
Watching this sweet girl these past weeks has been heart wrenching for me. I took this shot a couple of weeks ago because this is the look she has been wearing for a while now…that look of lost.
She sits like this looking over the property that was once their playground and I can feel the memories that are running through her mind.
Her days were once filled with a child like play. always messing with Petey, taking his ball and running, sticks too….anything to get him to play with her and it worked like a charm and she knew it would. Lily was a child as long as Petey was here and now she seems all grown.
When she looks up at me I know she wants answers but I don’t know what she should be doing now that he is gone any more than she knows.
She sits like this on his grave too looking out over the canyon and if it were possible, there would be tears falling to the ground.
Don’t let anyone ever tell you that animals don’t grieve because they do and I have seen it with my own eyes and I have felt it when I look at her.
I will say though that since this photo was taken Lily has started coming around a bit. I have noticed the spark within her starting to return a little, that little spring in her step. She is healing. It is a difficult process But I know, beyond a doubt that even when the healing is done, Petey will remain a part of her forever.
For those who are just now meeting Lily….she belongs to my friends Rick and Raeanne, they live on the same property as we do, about a hundred yards away. Lily is a boxer/pit mix and she has to be one of the sweetest souls I have ever known.
Petey was killed on March 9, 2012, he was hit by traffic on a near by freeway. You can read the story here
This is Petey.

Beware of Cat

Angry White Cat
Mikey looks like such a bad ass here. LOL


Zebra's Don't Belong on the Street

Sleeping Tabby Kitten

Looking at this photograph makes me smile….but at the same time, it makes me angry as well.
This little guy and his two siblings were dropped off the other night at the end of a road. Yes, there are actually adult people walking around somewhere that somehow came to the decision that dropping off three 8-10 week old kittens on a dead end road next to a field was a good idea.
It scares the hell out of me that there are people like this living among us.
Thank God the dead end road led to my friend Sandy’s house or these babies would probably not be here right now. She lives at the end of that road next to that field and the other day she saw some stranger drive off and then realized there were babies left. Sandy never skipped a beat, despite the fact that she has already inherited 2 extra cats upon moving into her house because they were left behind….Sandy scoops up the two kittens she can get a hold of and takes them into her home and then gets a hold of me about the one she cannot get. So I head to her house the next morning. (I live in the mountains and she is in the city…kinda the city) I walk over to where she says they were left and I can hear a baby meow so I start talking to a kitten that I cannot see, after a half an hour or so I realize this baby is in a tree, stuck there too. So I start to walk away to go get a chair and this baby starts crying so loud, she was saying “don’t leave me” I know it. So I get a chair and climb this tree and as soon as she gets a hold of me, she grabs on for dear life, we climb down and I told her it would be ok that she was safe now. Trying to sound calm, trying to stay calm for her but inside I was so pissed off that any so called person could do this to three innocent little kittens, I mean really… so you have a dilemma, you have kittens that you cannot keep so you put your heads together and dropping them on the street is the best solution that you can come up with?
I’m sorry but this is just so lame to me. I am not a violent person at all but I would seriously like to punch this person.
So back to the beauty of it all….as soon as I get her in the house I am greeted by the little guy in this photograph who temporarily goes by the name Zebra. LOL
My friend Sandy is keeping them at her house until we can find them homes. Sandy is the beauty in all of this….her heart never ceases to amaze me. She doesn’t want anymore cats, she has 6 now of her own, though she did say having kittens in the house again is pretty fun. LOL But it doesn’t matter what she wants in a perfect world, these babies need her help and she is helping them.
Sandy…I’m so glad I know you.
Model is Zebra and Zebra’s don’t belong on the street. :)

The WM Pet Connection

If you love animals you should check out the following blog, I just love it. So informative and so easy to read, you will love it too.

The WM Pet Connection
Serving Up Pet Stories, Advice and Anecdotes Daily

New Treatment for Some Types of Poisonings | Fully Vetted | petMD


72% of all Cats that enter shelters and pounds are killed


Yes, you read that right. And did you know that the killings within Animal control, pounds and shelters are the leading cause of death for cats in the United States. These organizations hide behind the term "Euthanasia" but Euthanasia refers to the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering yet most animals who die in pounds and shelters are killed for very different reasons, most having nothing to do with their health at all. Comprehensive studies show that 23% are adopted and only 2% are returned to their original owners.
For feral cats, the kill rate in pounds and shelters rises to 100%. These cats have no social skills outside their colonies with humans, adult ferals are almost always too wild to even consider trying to tame them so a chance of being adopted is very unlikely and there is no original owner to claim. The only option these cats face once they enter these facilities is death.

Many people assume that feral cats always suffer living outdoors but this is just not the case, they are not disease prone nor do they pose any health risk to humans. Studies have proven that only 1% of feral cats brought into shelters and pounds are euthanized do to illness or disease.

It's important for everyone to realize these numbers before making that choice of calling Animal Control when they have an issue with feral or stray cats. Most of us have this first reaction to seeing cats living outdoors on their own and it's usually feeling sorry for them that they don't have homes....but they do have homes...they are home.

So the next time you see cats living outside and you feel they need your help...think about it first, what is it that you think they need. If the cat is ill and needs medical attention then by all means get some help but be careful who you call. There are feral organizations almost everywhere now, take a moment, look into it, call the right people because if you call Animal Control, or take the cat to a shelter, the cat will die.

Remember the numbers 72% of all cats, 100% of Feral Cats.

 Feral Friends Network

 Feral Cat Veterinary Resource Center

 Care for Cats


I Don’t Choose to Feel the Way I Feel

With so many people just going through life never giving a second thought to the rights or well being of an animal, I can’t help but wonder why I was born to think so much.
At times it almost feels like a curse because the heartache I feel for those who are suffering is overwhelming but I cannot ignore how I feel or always explain it.

I don’t know why I seem to be the only one in the car who is holding back tears when I see a dead animal along side the road or why the sound of a gunshot in the distance during deer season makes my stomach hurt.

I don’t like chasing after the dogs trying to get a dead rat out of their mouth, to some it would be pointless considering the rat is already dead but for me it’s a respect for the dead animal and I don’t know why I feel this way.

I’m not sure why I choose to stand guard when the dogs have chased a squirrel up a tree or under a wood pile making sure the squirrel gets away safely, I just do it, even if it means I stand guard for the better part of my morning.

I don’t understand my insistence of saving my cats natural prey, spending two hours trying to save a lizard that has found his way into our house of five cats.

I don’t know how I can reach down and pick up a large wild rat that my cats have cornered in our kitchen and carry it to safer ground, I never even gave it a thought while others stood there looking at me like I was crazy.

I don’t know why it doesn’t bother me to syringe feed a cat who is sick and has no appetite or clean up a mess that the dog has made in the hallway because she has an upset tummy.

When a friend calls and says a dog she knows is getting ready to be taken to the pound because he doesn’t have a home. I am not sure why I would get in my car at 9pm and drive 40 miles to get him. I didn’t know the dog, I do now, his name is Petey and he lives next door.

And then at a different time do it again because that same friend knew a black cat that was in trouble and needed help. I picked him up and named him Roo.

I don’t know why I would spend a month of my time rehabilitating a praying mantis who got caught in a web and broke his leg or why I feel the need to rescue caterpillars who get caught in early storms..

I don’t know why it is so important to me to trap feral cats so they can get fixed and then released back into the wild.

Animals are just a natural part of my existence I wouldn’t know how to act if I didn’t have five sets of little paws following me from room to room. And how would I ever get a thing done without their help? And the cat hair on my clothes, on the couch, in my nose, I would end up having allergies or something without it.

Animals make my life rich….they make me smile when I really don’t want to smile.

I don’t choose to feel the way I feel, I just feel it. Some think I am crazy to spend so much time and energy doing what I do but I am not really doing anything but being me.
It’s not easy to always care which I suspect is the reason most people turn their heads but for me turning away would hurt so much more than helping. I guess it comes down to what we as individuals can live with.

I know there are many people in this world who feel the way I do but on an average day when I look around, I feel small, alone in this fight as I watch others just look away
And though at times, it seems it would be easier to not care I know in my heart that life is not about how easy it is to get through.
It’s not easy at all.
But the rewards are endless.

Hearing them purr.
Watching them play.
Knowing their tummies are full.
Seeing them live their lives the way that they were meant to live.

I cannot change the world, I cannot save them all, I am only one girl.

But I can absolutely make sure that the animals that come into my life will have a voice, they will have their rights upheld. These are not rights I give them; these are the rights they were born with, that we were all born with.

We all breathe air, we all bleed red, we all feel, we all fear.

No, I cannot save them all but just saving one matters.

Some have asked what I get out of all of this…my answer is simple.

I can sleep at night.


To the Feral Cat Trapper Know it All

   Recently, I contacted a few organizations about a feral cat that has been living under my friend Sandy's house. The cat was in need of medical attention and Sandy wasn't in a situation where she could fund it at the time. So I sent out some emails explaining the situation....Sandy wasn't looking to get rid of the cat, she didn't mind the cat at all. She was unable to touch him, he didn't seem very tame but she didn't mind him being there and she was ok with feeding him. The problem was that the cat had an eye issue and it's fur was all matted and he generally just looked miserable despite being fed. Sandy doesn't have a lot of experience with feral cats so she of course turned to me since I have worked with the TNR (trap and return) programs for many years. The only problem is that Sandy lives in the Sacramento Valley and I live in the Sierra Foothills. It's not as far as it sounds but far enough that I just can’t jump in my car and be at her house in a few minutes, it's about a 45 minute drive. Sandy had never trapped a cat before so she wasn't really up for that part of it, I knew we would need help. Let me back track by saying that Sandy had just recently moved into that house and this cat and another were already there. At that time we believed that the cats were left by prior tenants.
So anyway, I put all of this info in the emails I sent out asking for some help in trapping the cat and getting its medical needs met. I and hoped for the best. Well, the next day a lovely lady from one of the organizations got back to me and she was going to try and help. This person was very kind, very understanding and really wanted to help. She said that she would have to send out a message across the board that a trapper was needed and then we would go from there. Well she found us a trapper all right. LOL She told me that the trapper lady would call and she did.
What happened next really just pisses me off and I wish I could go back and handle it so many other ways than how I handled it, but I can't so here I rant...
This had to be the rudest woman on the face of the planet; she kicked the conversation off with a straight lecture. She would not allow me to answer with anything but a yes or a no, every time I would try to explain anything she cut me off and start lecturing again. She was explaining to me how Sandy needed to trap this cat, giving me the run down on how it is done. I tried a few times to tell her that I knew how to trap the cat and that I even have my own trap cage. The cage part got her attention and she seemed a bit confused as to why I would have one but wouldn't stop talking down her nose at me long enough to find out why. She then asked me if the cat was starving and I told her no, that Sandy would never allow this cat to starve and that she feeds him everyday. This woman then goes into attack mode telling me that Sandy cannot feed the cat because the cat needs to be hungry so we can trap it. Really? That wasn't her question. She then proceeds to tell me how Sandy needs to do the "responsible thing". What? At this point I am very irritated with this woman. I tell her that a neuter may not be necessary because....and she cuts me off. She tells me that Sandy is being very irresponsible. I really tried to explain to this lady that the cat appears to have already been neutered or is just too old to be interested in the opposite sex because after observing his behavior for quite some time, he is not on the prowl, nor is he aggressive towards other male cats and the other male cats are not aggressive towards him either. I wanted to explain to her that I could be wrong about this, that his illness could also be the reason he is so passive but she would not allow me to say anything.
After ending this completely bizarre conversation, Sandy and I decided to not take this cat to her. Instead we treated the cat with antibiotics that I always have on hand for emergencies. The cat is doing wonderful and looks better than ever. And come to find out, he was abandoned years ago but not intentionally, his owner died and he is neutered.
I am not going to give any names of any organization here because one bad apple does not spoil the bunch. On a whole these organizations do more good than they ever do bad. I have total appreciation for all animal rescue groups and I will continue to turn to them when I need help with my own rescue efforts.

The message that I have now is for the lady I spoke to on the phone that night....

My friend Sandy is the kindest, most caring individual I have ever met. When she moved into that house and those cats were there, she never blinked an eye, she just started buying more cat food. Most people would have "gotten rid" of them, Sandy didn't do that. She noticed one of them was sick and she called me for help. I think her actions were completely responsible considering the fact that it wasn't her cat to begin with. She has since medicated this little guy, cut mats from his hair and has become this animals savior....He is now thriving and she is keeping him. There was another cat on her property, a little girl cat. sandy has taken her in and she is now spayed and up to date with her shots and she is also keeping her. Responsible? Absolutely.
Here is a tip for ya, if someone is calling a rescue group for help, that IS being responsible. I know you work with animals everyday but I really think you need to work on those people skills because if you continue to treat people like pieces of doo doo you will only alienate them and they won't want to call again and this is just not in the best interest of the cats you claim to want to help. Not everyone is "cat lady", I don't care how many you have encountered.
I called for help and I got you, obviously we have a common interest, we want to help these cats that need our help so badly. We are in this together lady; we are on the same side.

Ok, I am done now, rant over.

It's not usually this difficult to help, this rude lady I talked to recently is the first I have ever dealt with and I have been doing this a long time, many years. The most important thing that you can do is not look away. They need our help.
So this post is not just about me ranting, here are some links to the best feral resources I have encountered over the years and some other animal related links that I have found to be truly wonderful and informative.

Alley Cat Allies: The Cats' Leading Advocate
Placer SPCA
Happy Tails
Tabby's Place (Inspirational)
Sierra Animal Wellness Center
Feral Cat Coalition
Humane Trapping Instructions

Trap-Neuter-Return Works


When I see it.... in stone.

Grieving Little Girl

This is Haley and she is sitting at the grave of a very dear friend name Petey. She is touching his collar that has been placed around his grave marker. Petey was an Australian Shepard/Border collie, he was the best dog and he was killed in an accident on March 9, 2012.
 I got this shot the other day while we were outside, I was a good distance away from her, 
she didn't know I that I had taken it until later that evening.
I wasn't going to post it due to the fact that she is crying and it just seemed like a personal moment that she was having with her friend. Yesterday though, Haley asked me when I was going to post it and I explained to her why I hadn't yet and why I was apprehensive about doing so at all. She said "Mom, it's ok, I want you to post it, there is nothing wrong with everyone knowing how much I loved Petey".
My daughter is so beautiful .

The lyrics below are from the Song "Over You" by Miranda Lambert. We were watching the video to this song when we got the news that Petey had been killed. Every time the song comes on the radio now, I see her taken back to that night when she lost her friend. Haley and Petey were close, they spent a lot of time together. For those who do not know, Petey belonged to our friends Rick and Raeanne, they live on the same property as us, about a hundred feet away is all. Petey was part of our family too and he is missed more than words could ever express.

Weather man said it’s gonna snow
By now I should be used to the cold
Mid-February shouldn’t be so scary
It was only December
I still remember the presents, the tree, you and me
But you went away
How dare you?
I miss you
They say I’ll be OK
But I’m not going to ever get over you
Living alone here in this place
I think of you, and I’m not afraid
Your favorite records make me feel better
Cause you sing along
With every song
I know you didn’t mean to give them to me

But you went away

How dare you?
I miss you
They say I’ll be OK
But I’m not going to ever get over you

It really sinks in, you know, when I see it in stone

Cause you went away,

How dare you?
I miss you
They say I’ll be OK
But I’m not going to ever get over you 


Lend Me A Kitten - Fine Art Photography


Roo's Angel Kitty

Cat Grave Marker
I cannot explain how wonderful it is to look out over Roo’s grave and see this sweet little angel….may not seem like much but to me it is the world.

Yes, this is Roo’s grave marker that I ordered and I am so glad I did. I have been having such a difficult time going outside and seeing his grave since he died. We put him right on the outside of the garden so I see his grave anytime I’m out there which had me a bit worried there for a little while because we spend a lot of time in the garden during the summer. Well, I was worried until this cute little thing arrived. Now every time I look over there I can’t help but smile and that’s what I should be doing because Roo brought so much happiness to my life. I know he must be pleased right now, making me smile was his specialty.
And the Angel next to his marker is from my friend Sandy, she always knows how to make me feel better and this angel for Roo’s grave really touched my heart.

My sweet Roo.

…I shall see beauty
But none to match your living grace.
I shall hear music
But none as sweet as the droning song
With which you loved me.
I shall fill my days
But I shall not, cannot forget.
Sleep soft, dear friend…

If He Was my Own

If He Was my Own… I don’t think I could love him anymore than I do already.

This is the amazing Sheriff and he belongs to my friend Sandy.

The Baby

This is Alex and he is my baby, he is the youngest of my kitty crew.

My Alex is always trying to work his way to the top of the hierarchy around here but always seems to fall a bit short. LOL

If any of you have multiple cats then you may know how it goes with the pecking order when it comes to cats. Since Roo passed on it has been an all out fight for his position of number two under Mikey. I think Alex figured since he is a male that he would automatically claim that spot but my female Belle (his aunt) set him straight with a quickness. LOL

I would like to say he is at number three but to be there he would have to get passed Daisy and well…that won’t happen anytime soon either, she can still take him.

So Alex tries to focus his power over the only one he can and that would be Sissy but then I step in because Sissy is at the bottom of this whole Hierarchy thing and well…I’m her mom and I just protect her. :)

So I think Alex is a bit frustrated with his position and all but he is still sweet as sugar, I just adore him.

For those who do not know, I rescued Alex at 3 weeks of age…his mom was a Feral cat that I trapped to be spayed and released. She ended up being a sweet baby as well and so instead of being released back into her environment, she found herself a home with my friend Julie and she goes by the name of Bella now. She is also the sister of my cat Belle.

Confused yet? LOL

All of the kittens from the litter Alex was in were placed in loving homes.

Mikey Needs to Share

Ok, so last night I am upstairs on the computer and I hear my 6 year old Haley downstairs and she sounds mad, she was not yelling but she had that tone. I listened for a moment and did a mental inventory and came to the realization that there could not be anyone down there for her to be getting mad at.
So I walk down there and there the she is, one hand on the hip and the other one is pointing….and there he is, Mikey and he is sitting in a box. The box is what Roo’s grave marker came in. (I will upload a pic of it later, so beautiful, an angel cat with wings and Roo’s name inscribed on it, makes me happy)
So anyway, the box is way bigger than it needed to be for this marker but Mikey was all good with that.
Apparently, Mikey is not the only one in the house with a box fetish.
As soon as Haley turned and saw me downstairs she said “Mom, Mikey needs to share” I started to laugh which turned out to be the response she was not looking for. By this time she is full on pissed off, she said “everytime I try to get near the box he tries to get me, he’s not being nice and he is not sharing Mom, I want to play with the box too.”
Mikey is sitting in the box just looking all smug.
He is totally deaf so he cannot hear a word of what she is rambling but he knows she wants the box and he’s got it and I swear I could see a smirk on his face.
So then I really start laughing and Haley was not amused, “she said this is not fair, you need to teach him how to share.” Then she looked at Mikey and said forget it, I don’t want the box anymore and she stuck her tongue out at him and he just got more comfortable in his new box. LOL She told him “you wait until tonight when it’s bed time and you want to cuddle in my bed, nope, I’m not doing it.”
I am still laughing. It was too funny .
About an hour or so later I was doing laundry and I was out there a while, when I came back into the house it was quiet so I went in Haley’s room to check on her and she was fast asleep…and Mikey was right there next to her, head on her pillow, she had her arm around him.
Model is Mikey

Wise Woman

This is Mama Kitty, she belongs to Rick and Raeanne, my neighbors/friends.
I posted a photograph of Mama Kitty a few years ago and at that time she was about 11 years old so now she is pushing 14. As you can see here, she looks amazing, beautiful girl and as sweet as she can be.
The only thing that seems at all different about her than the younger cats is that she seems so much wiser. Mama kitty is an indoor/outdoor cat up here in these mountains, she has had her freedom always and maybe this is why she seems so wise to me because she has really beat the odds. Within just a few moments of watching her around here, it is clear though that her beating the odds has nothing to do with luck.
She is a very cool kitty, a very wise kitty.

Happy 9th Birthday Mikey

  And This is What I Get

“I give my Mom the best nine years of her life and all I get is a stupid ball with a feather on a stick”


But it’s a cool ball that you wind up and the stick and feather spin around for a long time…all the cats love it…except for Mikey. This right here is the look I get when I place it near him….
I even added one of his favorite toys to it, The blue squirmy wormy, still, it’s a no go. LOL I still get the look as if he thinking …..Really?

He really is a brat cat, always has been, I’m sure he is playing with it when I am not looking.

Mikey loves his toys but not your usual toys, Mikey’s absolute favorite toys is his stick, yep, a stick. He has had the same stick since he was a baby and he will bring it to me to play. He likes it when I put the stick under the blanket and make it poke out from underneath and then make it disappear again. He goes crazy for this and he hunts down that stick and kills it. LOL He also has another squirmy wormy tied to another stick that he really enjoys playing that same game with.

But he is not having anything to do with this stick on a ball thing, at least not when I am looking.

Oh, well, he got other things for his Birthday that he seemed to enjoy, all the food stuff. LOL.

We had a great day but then again, with Mikey , all the days are great.

Model is Mikey…unimpressed.


Funding Available for Free-Roaming Cat Spay/Neuter - Apply Now!

Just a Quick Reminder
PetSmart Charities is now accepting Free-Roaming Cat Spay/Neuter grant applications for its winter-spring 2012 grant cycle. These grants are intended to provide funding and mentoring for high-impact Trap-Neuter-Return projects. The goal is to stabilize and ultimately reduce the free-roaming cat population within a specific geographic area.

Applications may be submitted through March 31, 2012, no later than midnight within your time zone. For more information and to access the online application please click here.

Pet Poison Control Hotline Will Cost you $35-$65 for the Call

I am not kidding you. Animal Poison Control Hotlines charge money just for information, a lot of money and it’s sad. Ok, now I understand it cost money to run these things but we are talking about information that people need within a short time frame that doesn’t allow for credit card transactions. I mean give me a break, this is beyond stupid, I really thought we had come further than this.
Today I had set out to do an animal post and remind you all of Poison Prevention Week March 14-24.  I wanted to raise awareness on Household Dangers to pets/animals. I found some really great information out there but then at the bottom of all the info I read about these charges we need to know about, on that particular site it was $35 for the call. So I thought heck with these guys I am going to head over to the SPCA where they actually care about the animals….well…disappointed cannot even describe how I felt when I found out that they charge $65 a call on their hotline. WOW!

Pissed off is a better description.

Maybe they have always charged for this service, you know, I am not even sure because I just assumed that calling a hotline for help when your animal could be poisoned, would be a free call. Silly me.

I have to say here that I am in no way a political kind of girl, maybe I was years ago but not these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country, I am an American girl and proud to be her BUT when I see tax payer dollars being spent by politicians riding around in private jets with personal staff members by the dozens yet something as important, TO US  as our animals safety is being over looked it pisses me off. Sorry for the language but it does. I think these politicians should put on their walking shoes or buy a bus pass because honestly I don’t care how they get to where they are going….what I do care about is picking up the phone in my animals hour of need and knowing I will get help.  Don’t ask me for money, tell me what to do to save my friend, that is the right thing to do and when it is a person we do just that.

How many of you out there consider your animal’s lives a priority? How many of you would give just about anything to keep your animal from suffering?  How about love, let’s go there, how many of you can say that you have loved or still do love your animal friend the same as you would a human friend?

If these animals are this important to us and we are the people, why are they always being shafted? Many animals are the children of many human beings across this world, there are a great number of us that treat the little furry buggers like they are people and to us they are. Putting a price tag on their lives is insulting.
Now I don’t think we should get it all for free, we don’t get things for us for free. Just make it comparable because right now it is not at all.
The Pet Care Industry has been taking us for a ride for too long now, what is wrong with society? Don’t answer that. LOL
Veterinary Care Costs are just crazy and I spend more at the store now a days on animal needs than I do people needs. People are getting rich because our babies have fur. It’s not fair. We can’t even have a free hotline from an animal organization that is suppose to be saving animals.

It’s about time to change the way things are done and only we can change it but that is another post entirely. (but trust me it will be posted) :o)

So tonight, with all of this frustration, I set out on a mission to see if I could find real people that realize that our animals health is at the top of our priority list and just because they don’t look like real little kids doesn’t mean they are not our kids. Someone who in that moment of shear panic when you discover your animal has ingested something poisonous won’t ask you for your credit card number before giving you the info that can save your furbaby.

All I wanted to do was a post on poison prevention, you know with links that go back to a site that I could feel good about linking you to…that’s all

Well, I found them and some of my faith in this world has returned but not all of it by a long shot.

The place to call if you suspect poisoning in your child OR pet (I love that) is the    
Children’s Hospital Regional Poison Control Center at (800) 222-1222.
There are more I am sure…maybe. If you know of any please leave the information in the comment section so others can see it too.

And now my little Rant is over…LOL

I will now get back to what I set out to do tonight in the first place and that is offer you some info that could help you prevent the poisoning of your animals.

So if you are still with me here we go….

Know the Signs of Poisoning in Dogs and Cats

If you think your dog or cat has been poisoned, call your veterinarian or call the Poison Control Center at (800) 222-1222.

When it comes to poisoning, the sooner you treat your dog or cat, the better the outcome.
While this list is not exhaustive or complete, some common signs of poisoning generally include:

Gastrointestinal signs

·         Vomiting
·         Diarrhea
·         Drooling/hypersalivating
·         Inappetance
·         Nausea

Internal bleeding

·         Coughing of blood
·         Vomiting blood
·         Pale gums
·         A racing heart rate
·         Weakness or lethargy
·         Collapse

Kidney failure

·         Halitosis (“uremic” breath)
·         Inappetance
·         Vomiting
·         Diarrhea
·         Excessive thirst or urination
·         Absence or decreased urination

Liver failure

·         Jaundice/icterus/yellow discoloration to the gums
·         Weakness or collapse secondary to a low blood sugar
·         Dull mentation, acting abnormally
·         Vomiting
·         Diarrhea
·         Black-tarry stool (melena)

What to do if your dog or cat is poisoned:

·         Remove your pet from the area.
·         Check to make sure your pet is safe: breathing and acting normally.
·         Do NOT give any home antidotes.
·         Do NOT induce vomiting without consulting a vet or Poison Control Center Helpline.
·          Call the Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222
·         If veterinary attention is necessary, contact your veterinarian or emergency veterinary clinic immediately.

When you call the Center, be ready to provide:
·         Your name, address and telephone number
·         Information concerning the exposure (the amount of agent, the time since exposure, etc.). For various reasons, it is important to know exactly what poison the animal was exposed to.
·         The species, breed, age, sex, weight and number of animals involved
·         The agent your animal(s) has been exposed to, if known
·         The problems your animal(s) is experiencing.

Be Prepared: 

Your animal may become poisoned in spite of your best efforts to prevent it. Because of this, you should be prepared. Your animal companions regularly should be seen by a local veterinarian to maintain overall health. You should know the veterinarian's procedures for emergency situations, especially ones that occur after usual business hours. You should keep the telephone numbers for the veterinarian, and a local emergency veterinary service in a convenient location.
You may benefit by keeping a pet safety kit on hand for emergencies. Such a kit should contain:
·         A fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide 3% (USP)
·         Can of soft dog or cat food, as appropriate
·         Turkey baster, bulb syringe or large medicine syringe
·         Saline eye solution to flush out eye contaminants
·         Artificial tear gel to lubricate eyes after flushing
·         Mild grease-cutting dishwashing liquid in order to bathe an animal after skin contamination
·         Rubber gloves to prevent you from being exposed while you bathe the animal
·         Forceps to remove stingers
·         Muzzle to keep the animal from hurting you while it is excited or in pain
·         Pet carrier to help carry the animal to your local veterinarian

Top 10 Pet Poisons

 Dog Poisons:

1.      Chocolate
2.      Insect bait stations
3.      Rodenticides (i.e., mouse and rat poison)
4.      Fertilizers
5.      Xylitol-containing products (i.e., sugar-free gums and candies)
6.      Ibuprofen (Advil® or Motrin® in brand name or generic form)
7.      Acetaminophen (Tylenol® in brand name or generic form)
8.      Silica gel packs
9.      Amphetamines, such as ADD/ADHD drugs
10.  Household cleaners

Cat Poisons:

1.      Lilies
2.      Canine pyrethroid insecticides (topical flea and tick medicine designed for dogs but erroneously placed on cats)
3.      Household cleaners
4.      Rodenticides
5.      Paints and varnishes
6.      Veterinary non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (Rimadyl®, Deramaxx®)
7.      Glow sticks/glow jewelry
8.      Amphetamines (such as ADD/ADHD drugs)
9.      Acetaminophen (Tylenol® in brand name or generic form)
10.  Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin® in brand name or generic form)

Things in your yard that are poisonous to dogs & cats!

Blood meal:

This is dried, ground, and flash-frozen blood and contains 12% nitrogen. While it’s a great organic fertilizer, if ingested, it can cause vomiting (of some other poor animal’s blood) and diarrhea. More importantly, it can result in severe pancreatitis, which is inflammation of the pancreas. Some types of blood meal are also fortified with iron, resulting in iron toxicity, so make sure to know what’s in your bag of blood!

Blue–green algae or Cyanobacteria:

Growth of toxic algae can be found in both fresh and salt water throughout the warm regions of the world. Blue-green algae becomes concerning when algae accumulates on the surface of the water during hot, dry weather with wind that can shift concentrated algae mats along the shorelines. Affected water may have the appearance of pea soup with thick layers of algae on the surface. Blooms of blue-green algae can contain hepatoxins and/or neurotoxins, depending on the species. Exposures occur when dogs ingest or swim in water that contains the cyanobateria. Clinical signs with the hepatoxin variety are vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, weakness, shock, icterus (yellow gums), and potentially death within 24 hours to several days. Clinical signs seen with ingestion of the neurotoxin species occur acutely with onset of tremors, lethargy, seizures, difficult breathing, and death within a hour.

Bone Meal:

This is made up of defatted, dried, and flash-frozen animal bones that are ground to a powder. This “bone” is also what makes it so palatable to your dog, so make sure to keep your pet from digging in it and ingesting the soil. While this also makes a great organic fertilizer, it can become a problem when consumed as the bone meal forms a large cement-like bone ball in the stomach – which can cause an obstruction in the gastrointestinal tract – resulting in possible surgery to remove it!

Compost bins or piles:

While we applaud you for composting, make sure to do so appropriately – your compost shouldn’t contain any dairy or meat products, and should always be fenced off for the sake of your pets and wildlife. These piles of decomposing and decaying organic matter and molding food products have the potential to contain tremorgenic mycotoxins, which are toxic to both pets and wildlife. Even small amounts ingested can result in clinical signs within 30 minutes to several hours. Clinical signs include agitation, hyperthermia, hyper-responsiveness, panting, drooling, and vomiting, and can progress to serious CNS signs (including incoordination, tremors, and seizures!). Ruleouts for this include toxins that cause “shake and bake,” such as metaldehydes (snail bait), strychnine, organophosphates, and methylxanthines. Prompt decontamination is the key if the patient isn’t demonstrating clinical signs yet – this includes inducing vomiting and giving activated charcoal. Once the patient is symptomatic, aggressive supportive care includes the use of IV fluids, temperature regulation, cooling methods (cooling down to a temperature of 103.5 F/39.7 C), IV muscle relaxants (methocarbamol), and anticonvulsants (i.e., diazepam, phenobarbital).


This is commonly added to fertilizers, and can result in iron toxicity (from ingestion of elemental iron). This is different from “total” iron ingestion, and can be confusing to differentiate. When in doubt, have a medical professional at Pet Poison Helpline assist you with finding out if the amount ingested was toxic or not. Large ingestions can result in vomiting, bloody diarrhea, and potential cardiac and liver effects.

Mulch Products:

Cocoa bean mulch, a byproduct of chocolate production, is the discarded hulls or shells of the cocoa bean. This mulch is frequently used for home landscaping and is often very fragrant, especially when first placed in the yard and warmed by the sun. This tempting smell of warm chocolate often attracts and encourages dogs (Labradors!) to ingest the mulch. Through the processing procedure of creating cocoa bean mulch, much of the methylxanthine poison is removed, but still potentially contains 0.19% to 2.98% theobromine and 0.5% to 0.85% caffeine. All animals can be affected by methyxanthylates, but dogs tend to have more frequent exposure opportunities to the chocolates, coffee beans and cocoa mulch that contain them. Clinical signs include vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, tremors, tachycardia, tachypnea, and potential seizures. Symptoms are dose-dependent and an accurate dose is very difficult to determine because of the variation of the concentration of methyxanthylates from one mulch product to next.
There have been anecdotal reports of a dog dying after ingesting cocoa bean shell mulch, and this has been rapidly circulating on the Internet. That said, how toxic is this stuff, really? The first report of this poisoning was actually reported by Pet Poison Helpline’s Drs. Lynn Hovda and R. Kingston at the 1993 International Congress of Clinical Toxicology. Dr. Steve Hansen published this again 10 years later (Clin Tox 2003;41:5). Recently, Dr. Hansen stated that the cause of the one fatality ( a young Labrador) was “highly suspect.” While theobromine and caffeine (methylxanthines) can be toxic, clinical signs are usually more PROGRESSIVE – such as vomiting, diarrhea, more vomiting, trembling, a racing heart rate, and then seizures in very high doses. Cocoa bean mulch is very unlikely to result in sudden death without showing other signs. Nevertheless, play it safe and don’t allow pets to ingest this product! Typically, after a first rain, the smell dissipates, making the mulch less attractive to pets.


There are various types of mushrooms located throughout the United States that may be non-toxic; however, other types of mushrooms may be very dangerous and include general groups that are gastric irritants, hallucinogenic, or hepatotoxic (from cyclopeptides, hydrazine toxins, isoxazoles, or psilocybin compounds). The latter group includes Amanita mushrooms, which can result in acute hepatic necrosis (i.e., liver failure).
While the frequency of dangerous mushroom toxicity is likely very low, the lack of readily available identification of mushrooms lands all ingestions in the category of toxic until proven otherwise. With ingestion of any mushroom, immediate emesis is recommended, provided the animal is alert, asymptomatic, and able to adequately protect his or her upper airway. Gastric lavage may be necessary for animals already exhibiting clinical signs. Clinical symptoms are dependent on the species of mushroom ingested, the specific toxin within that mushroom, and the individual’s own susceptibility. Early clinical signs include vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, ataxia, depression, tremors, and seizures, with liver and renal damage occurring later. One can collect all the pieces of the mushroom in a paper towel, place them in a labeled (DO NOT EAT! POISONOUS) paper bag, and refrigerate the sample for future possible identification. If you see your dog eat a mushroom, contact your veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline immediately! Better yet, make sure to scour your yard frequently and get rid of any mushrooms growing out there!

Mouse and rat poisons (rodenticides):

As we prepare to winterize our garage, cabin, or house, keep in mind that there are some more dangerous rat poisons to pick from than others. Always make sure to place these poisonous baits in areas where your pet can’t reach them (i.e., high up on shelves, hidden behind work spaces, etc.). Currently there are four separate categories of rodenticides available for general use. Each has a different and unique mechanism of action. This results in four different sets of clinical signs in both the target rodent population and our curious pets who might consume them. All of these rodenticides also pose the potential for “relay toxicity”– in other words, if your dog eats a whole bunch of dead mice poisoned by rodenticides, they can get the secondary effects from this. This is most commonly seen in birds of prey (i.e., raptors), so we generally recommend avoiding them in the first place!
·         Long-acting anticoagulants (LAACs): By far the most well-known and perhaps most widely used rodenticides are the LAACS. This family of rodenticides works by causing internal bleeding and preventing the body from clotting normally. Common signs include coughing (blood in the lungs), large and soft lumps under the skin, vomiting, nose bleeds, bruised skin, exercise intolerance, weakness, bloody urine, bleeding from the gums, and inappetance. With LAACS, it takes 2-5 days before the poison actually takes effect and before clinical signs of bleeding, but chronic ingestion shortens the time period. If there is any suspicion of ingestion, a prothrombin test, usually referred to as a PT test, supports the diagnosis (it takes 48 hours after ingestion before this PT test will be abnormal). Fortunately, prescription-strength Vitamin K1, the antidote, is routinely found in most veterinary offices.
·         Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3): One of the most dangerous rat poisons out there is a Vitamin D3-based rodenticide. This type basically increases calcium blood levels so high that it causes a secondary kidney failure. With this type of rat poison, only a tiny amount needs to be ingested before it causes a problem, and long-term, expensive treatment is usually necessary. This is the type to avoid in your garage, as it has no antidote!
·         Bromethalin: This rarer type of rat poison doesn’t have an antidote and results in brain swelling. If toxic amounts are ingested, we see clinical signs of walking drunk, tremoring, and seizuring. Treatment is symptomatic and may require an extended amount of time in the veterinary hospital due to long-lasting effects (days up to a week).
·         Phosphides: This type of poison is more commonly seen in mole and gopher poison, and typically doesn’t come in the classic blue-green or yellow blocks or pellets. Phosphide rodenticides typically come in a poisoned “gummy worm” form that you put in the dirt. These types of phosphide poisons result in phosphine gas in the stomach, resulting in severe bloat, profuse vomiting, abdominal pain, and potential lung and heart complications. Like cholecalciferol poisons, it only takes a small amount of poison to cause a big problem! Make sure to keep these toxins away from your pets, as this type can be poisonous to you too (if you inhale the phosphine gas if your dog vomits!).

Rose and plant fertilizers:

Some of these fertilizers contain disulfoton or other types of organophosphates (OP). As little as 1 teaspoon of 1% disulfoton can kill a 55 lb dog, so be careful! Organophosphates, while less commonly used, can result in severe symptoms [including SLUD signs (which abbreviate for salivation, lacrimation, urination, and defecation), seizures, difficulty breathing, hyperthermia, etc. In some cases, it can be fatal!


Most pesticides or insecticides (typically those that come in a spray can) are basic irritants to the pet and are usually not a huge concern unless a pet’s symptoms become persistent. Some may contain an organophosphate which can be life threatening when consumed in large quantities. It is always best to speak to a trained medical professional if there are any questions.

Slug and Snail Baits:

Slug and snail baits are commonly used on the West coast and in warm-weather conditions, and are available in a variety of forms (pellets, granular, powder, and liquid). The active ingredient is typically metaldehyde, which is toxic to all species (particularly dogs).
When ingested, metaldehyde results in clinical signs that resulted in the nickname “shake and bake.” Within 1 to 2 hours of ingestion, clinical signs of salivation, restlessness, vomiting, and incoordination are seen, which then progress to tremors, seizures, and secondary severe hyperthermia. Treatment consists of early decontamination, supportive care, temperature regulation (cooling down to a temperature of 103.5 F/39.7 C), anticonvulsants, and muscle relaxants. Generally, the prognosis is favorable if treatment is quickly and aggressively implemented.

Click here for Poisonous Plants List

If you suspect your pet has ingested any of these items or any other questionable substance, call the Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222 or your veterinarian for assistance. Accurate and timely identification of the suspected substance is very important. Having the container, package, or label in hand will save valuable time and may save the life of your pet.

And I would like to give a big huge Thank you to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. 

You people are real human beings. 

Thank you

Poison Help Badge

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