This one is for Mikey

Sorry to do this to you again but I needed to make this one for Mikey.

It's amazing how many times I have asked God to let this all be a dream.
I think I have made it through the bargaining stage of grieving.
It's not a dream, Mikey is not coming back.
I made this on the 1 month anniversary of his death,
I made this video for him of moments we shared that hold such meaning within me.
Mikey, I'm so sorry you are not here physically but mom knows you are right here beside me.
I look back over our life together and there is no doubt that you made me a better me.
I hope I gave you all you have given me.
Don't worry about me because I can feel that you are worried.
I will be ok.
Just know that our time will always be ours, no one and
nothing can take away what we have shared.
You will always be my best friend, for as long as Im alive and beyond.
I need to let you rest now.
Thank you for rescuing me.
I love you.

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