If there is one thing that you should never say to me when it comes to Mikey or any cat it would have to be "Oh, he is just a cat".

"Just a cat" is a term many people use but they rarely use it around me, especially when they are talking about my Mikey but it has happened a time a two.
My response is always more than they want to hear but I usually make them suffer through it anyway. LOL

I have no problem telling people that Mikey is my best friend, not ever. Some people totally get it and have no problem with it at all but then there are others who give me that 'you are a crazy cat lady look' which usually makes me want to prove how crazy I really am...about Mikey. 
People who do not appreciate cats usually don't like to hear about them and when I am talking with People like this and they decide to shrug Mikey off as any kind of "real friend" he could possibly be....I have to set them straight.
If my best friend was human there would never be any kind of shrug at all or even if my best friend was a dog, that would be acceptable to all as well...but a cat...and then they roll their eyes.

Let me just say this to those people...... (and you know who you are)

When I wake up in the middle of the night and I am finding it hard to breathe...reaching for Mikey and finding him there has literally made the difference

When I wake up in the morning to his beautiful Meow (loud as it is) I am ready to start my day with a smile

When I am scared....his fur has been my favorite hiding place too many times to count.

When I walk in from being gone for even a few minutes....I get greeted like he hasn't seen me in ages, I get head rubs and purrs and let me tell's very difficult to feel unloved around him and there is something to be said for that.

When we play hide and seek and his eyes turn all black when he is doing the seeking....I get totally into it and I am ready to play

When I am having a rough day and all seems to be a mess...he shows up at that moment and he makes it better

He has never hurt me

He has never left me

He looks for me

He follows me around just to be near me

And when I look at him and we make eye contact...he meows every single time. Do I know what he is saying? Absolutely. He is saying that I am his best friend too.

Oh, and he is saying that I should tell all you people who think he is 'only a cat' bite me.

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