Mitsi's Friendship (A Mama Cat Rescue)

She is so beautiful.
The very first time I saw her at the park was many months before we rescued her. I could not approach her, no one could. I knew I would need to use my trap if I had any hope of getting her to go with me if I chose to try.
Time went by and the next thing I know, she is pregnant and my friend was concerned for her safety. It was time though that last day at the park when she finally came home with me but a trap was not needed.
Call it a mother's love or some work on my friends part for taming her a bit with food all I know is that on every other day that I had ever seen her, approaching her was not an option. LOL
I have been down the feral cat rescue road many many times and know full well what an uncooperative feral can act's not pretty sometimes. LOL
On that day though, she stood there, so very pregnant and ready to have kittens soon it seemed. I reached down and picked her up and put her in a carrier and she never let out a peep. She behaved herself the entire car ride home with maybe a meow or two. I was ready for the chaos when I let her into the bathroom (because I have seen the chaos that can be) but that didn't happen. She accepted our help and she actually seemed grateful.
It took a lot of guts for her to allow me to pick her up and take her home that day...a lot of guts. But I convinced that she knew I would not hurt her and she needed help. Since that day we have been trusted not only with her but with her beautiful babies as well. We all watched as she gave birth, she welcomed us. I don't know what goes on in a mama cats head in her position but I know what it's like to have a child and to want to protect them and want what is best for them, I have recognized this feeling in her. She took a gamble that day, I could have been a monster but she took it for the good of her babies. I am really proud to call Mitsi my friend and it touches my heart that she considers us her friends as well. She is a good Mama and very special cat.

Model is Mitsi, she had her kittens the day after we rescued her.

You can visit her Facebook page here and see  more of her babies too  (Sooo Cute)


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

You gave her what she never had, for the time she was with you was special & you helped her babies & she knew she was loved. Thank you for caring!

Michele Rogel said...

Thank you for giving her love & for taking care of her beautiful babies! I am sure she is looking down & appreciates her babies being cared for!

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