Mitsi Passed Away

I wanted to let you know about Mitsi, my Mama cat, she passed away in November.
Mitsi was pregnant when I rescued her and she had her kittens the very next day.
We let her raise her kittens in the warm house and when they got older I created an online adoption application for them and over 50 people applied to adopt them. They all went to amazing homes.
I knew from the get that I wanted to keep Mitsi.
About six months or so after the kittens went to their forever homes Mitsi was diagnosed with severe stomatitis which means her mouth was inflamed, her gums were a dark red and her throat looked like hamburger meat. Her whole mouth was covered in ulcers.
The only hope for a cure would be to have all of her teeth removed and it would cost $1200 for the surgery in Sacramento but with no guarantee it would work.
We decided to wait because of the money it would cost and we moved to Oregon.
She was on pain killers but cats don't do so well on long term pain killers, their kidneys usually get pissed off.
Once we moved here I raised the money to have her teeth removed and it didn't cost quite as much but still a lot.
Mitsi did so well after surgery but her vet was concerned because her gums were so bad they wouldn't even hold a suture.
She recovered and we thought she was home free. She was so happy but then it returned and it was worse than before.
For the last year of her life she has been on pain meds every single day.
She has been mostly out of it all the time. We did have our times though each day when she would be all lovey.
The last few weeks of her life I noticed her weight loss. I figured it was her mouth hurting and her not eating enough.
But on November 26th she went to take a step and fell over. She had two seizures and she died in my arms.
My heart has been broken ever since.
I just miss her so much.
You know, when I met her she was a feral cat living under a trailer. I tried to get her many times with no luck but the day before she was to have her kittens she decided to take a chance on me and she allowed me to get her into that carrier.
She did it for her babies, I know she did. She took a chance and it paid off. She always seemed so grateful.
I really do miss her so much.
This is Mitsi, I called her Mama though because she earned that title.
Model is Mitsi (Mama)

Here is the post when we first met.

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