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Information and Resources on Alternatives to Animal Testing

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Additional resources on alternatives to animal testing:
  • Alternatives: This page is a comprehensive resource about the various alternative methods that exist for animal testing. Read through the different articles that discuss the details.
  • Alternatives to Animal Tests: This page is provided by the Humane Society, and provides you with brief information on the alternatives and how to choose the best alternative for the testing you need.
  • Using Computers to Assess the Heart: This article discusses the use of computers at diagnosing and finding out more information on the heart. These testing techniques are also useful in determining the effectiveness of particular drugs.
  • Animals in Product Testing: This article discusses the use of animals in product testing as well as the alternative testing methods that are available as options to choose from.
  • Ethics and Alternatives: Read about the ethics in testing and research with the use of animals as well as the available alternatives. This article also discusses the benefits of using these alternatives.
  • Animal Testing and Alternatives: Provided by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, this page provides you with information on animal testing as well as the benefits of using alternative methods.
  • Alternatives to Animal Testing: Read questions and answers on animal testing and the alternative options.
  • Give the Animals Five: Alternatives to Animal Testing: This article discusses five alternatives that can be used in place of animal testing.
  • Alternatives to Animal Use: This article briefly discusses animal use in research and the available alternative methods.
  • Alternatives to Animal Testing: Read about the alternative testing methods that are used in place of animals.
  • "Alternative" Medical Research: This page answers the question of whether there are any effective alternatives in place of animal use in research.
  • Animal Testing Questions and Answers: The ASPCA provides a factual and unbiased guide to understanding animal testing.
  • Non-Animal Testing Approach to EPA Labeling for Eye Irritation: This document from the Environmental Protection Agency provides information on the alternative methods to determine eye irritants in pesticides.
  • Finding Alternatives to Animal Research: This page talks about how animal toxicity tests will most likely be unheard of within 20 years.
  • Animals and Research: Alternatives to animal testing are described on this page from the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies.

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