The newest addition to Mikey's House - this is Roo

I have recently rescued a neglected cat from a neighborhood in Sacramento. He was originally abandoned and a sweet elderly lady and her husband began feeding him. Well, the lady went out feed him one night and she tripped and fell, in the hospital with a head injury, she lost her life. Her husband began the feeding process once his wife was gone but his own health was failing him and he also passed on a few months back. The old couple had a daughter and she moved into their home and this woman blamed the cat for her mother's death which I find totally absurd. She chose to ignore Roo's worsening condition despite the drool he had dripping from his face and the fact that he was skin and bones. She did however, throw him a few morsels of food now and again, wich did little considering the condition of his mouth. He was literally starving to death in front of her eyes and she did nothing.

I brought Roo (my 3 year old named him) home and took him in to the vet first thing the next morning to have him checked out, to get his shots and to have him neutered. He looked like an older cat, I would have guessed at the time 8 or 9 years old. Well, the vet called within a few hours and wanted to keep him overnight, he had already been neutered to my surprise, and the vet guessed him at 4 years old. She said he had a possible tumor in his left kidney because the kidney was enlarged, his mouth resembled hamburger meat but he was to weak to get a dental, his teeth were loose and some were missing which is why his tongue sticks out and he has pharyngitis, her recommendation was to put him to sleep, saying there was little left of the cat.

Ok, well...before dropping Roo off that day, I had a chance to look in to his eyes, and I caught a glimpse of his sweet nature and his will to live. This cat had been through hell and we found each other despite the fact that I live 30 miles from where he was. Though not yet invested, something inside of me told me that this guy deserves a chance so I told the vet no on putting him down and that I would pick him up the next day. When I picked him up I was given nothing. So I took him home and started him on some antibiotics, being a vet tech when I was younger has paid off many ways throughout the years. I decided that he was going to stay with me, originally he would have been looked at and then placed up for adoption with AALF or PAL, these organizations often take the kittens of the feral cats that we bring in and find them homes. Since the vet said Roo was not adoptable, it would be difficult to find a place for him so I offered up my place because I was not quite ready to give up on him. The vet did say if he didn't show any improvement in 2 weeks that I should reconsider my position on having him put down, this was the only offering of anything.

That was three weeks ago, since then Roo has gained 21/2 ponds. I have sent faxes with updates on Roo's condition to the clinic every day. Though I could do little for his teeth or his possible tumor the antibiotics helped with the drool and the smell it produced and obviously the pain too because he eats like a small horse. The soft food has turned him in to a new kitty, no longer malnourished, his coat is shiny and he now is drinking water. He is a total lover and so playful, he feels better and it shows. The doctor called the other day and said after reading my daily updates on Roo, she would like to get him in for a dental, I was thrilled. He goes in tomorrow and though it is risky still, it has to happen for him to have any quality of life. I was not interested in prolonging his death, I just wanted to give him a chance to live and to know what it feels like to be loved even if only for a short time. I couldn't allow him to leave this world thinking that he didn't matter, he does matter, he matters to me. I am realistic about his condition, I know he may not live long but these last few weeks have been so full of love and he has really responded and it's easy to see that he enjoys the attention.

I am so thankful that I did not have him put down at the hospital that day, I wouldn't trade these past few weeks for anything. And if he dies tomorrow or next week or next month, I really believe that Roo is glad he am I.

During my search on night online for information on Roo, I came across a blog on here called
'My name is Leo', I was completely taken by his story and touched by the determination displayed by Leo and his mom, they fought so hard to be together but his illness was too severe. I just wanted to note that their story played a big part in this fight with Roo.
Thanks Leo and Leo's mom Cyn you are an inspiration.

I am obviously not a poet as you will soon read but staring at Roo the other day these words just came to me:

Each day you see me and watch as I grow weaker
With nothing to eat and nothing to drink
My body only grows thinner
I try to prove that I am worthy
I greet you when you arrive
But with a look of disgust at my worsening condition
Once again I am pushed aside
As I face another night out here
sick and all alone
I wonder what I have done so wrong
To be abandoned in the cold
I surely won’t last another day
I pray as I awake
My failing organs my tattered body
It’s more than I can take
If you see me today
Please don’t just walk away
All it would take is a moment of your time
To help and ease the pain
Please help me live
Or assist me to go
You don’t need to ask yourself why
But please, don’t sit back another day
And watch as I slowly die

***The photo above is current, I did not take before photos.***

A little more Mikey

Mikey is just this beautiful creature - but it really comes from within. Taking pictures of him started out as something for the photo album but quickly turned in to a hobby and now it's something I would like to do professionally.  His gorgeous face has inspired me to want to be a photographer.

Ok well....these are just Mikey's feet which I find absolutely adorable. Enough said.

Mikey is so silly and so sweet. As soon as I break out the camera, he starts to pose. We are a team, each of us knowing our part. This is true not just with photography but in our life as well; as best friends, we compliment and complete one another but most of all we just love each other.
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