Today is Sissy's Birthday too

Sissy is Mikey's Sister, his litter mate.
She is different than Mikey in almost every way. 
She stays in the background always, never asking for much and she is very shy with people but not with me. 
I call Sissy my scaredy cat because she rarely leaves my bedroom.
She sleeps on my pillow every single night, it's the only demand she has but she says it politely. Don't let that kid ya though because she talks ALL the time....if I talk to her first, she will keep a conversation going as long as I do.
Sissy is not the "Rockstar" in the family like her brother Mikey is but she has her own place within me that only belongs to her. She has been along on this journey every step of the way and she is also my friend...

Sissy is 11 years old Today.

Today....He is 11 years old.

I would like to do it again please.
I want to wake up and find his warm tiny body under my covers, still damp from being born (that's where his birth mother put he and the rest of the litter) Instead of being a bit bothered by her putting them in my bed, I would like to whisper in my ear "Remember everything about this moment because one day there will be little that is more important"
And the day that I discovered that he couldn't hear, instead of feeling sorry, I would be grateful...because this fact alone would soon save my life. It would become a purpose when I felt my real purpose had died with my new born son.

He has continued to give me reasons since that day.

I have no regrets with Mikey at all but I wish that I could just do it all again just to enjoy him even more because being with him makes me enjoy everything, even myself. I smile more because of him, I laugh so much.
He has grown into this extension of me, our lives are so in sync, our souls entwined.

Today it is eleven years and I want 50 more.

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