Mikey to the Rescue

I kind of had a melt down the other day about one of my other cats Roo, he is having health issues and it all just started to really get to me. The next thing I know, my little best friend here gives me that look like I better run or else and then he charges me, then he runs the other way ducks down behind a paper bag and gives me another look...the come on mom, play with me look. I tried to resist but I couldn't, next thing I know I am running through the house playing tag with my little boy and laughing. I took this shot when we were done playing tag, he was pooped and I was too..he did his job, he always does.

Model is Mikey

Roo Needs Help

This is Roo back in 2008 when I rescued him. I’m sure you can see here why it was so easy to fall for him. As cute as it was with his little tongue sticking out, it was actually quite sad because the reason it was sticking out was do to all of the swelling in his mouth from severe pharyngitis.
Roo had a great life until his owner/Mommy passed away, the elderly lady fell down outside while feeding Roo one evening an later died due to complications from her injuries. Roo was blamed by a family member who would was then responsible for caring for Roo. Well, she didn’t care for him at all, instead, she banned him from the house, left him outside to fend for himself…for over a year. By the time I was alerted to his situation he was very ill, severely malnourished, Severe pharyngitis, an enlarged kidney and he was matted from head to toe. Recommendation from the veterinarian in 2008 was euthanasia.Well that didn’t happen. I decided that Roo at least need a chance...he was so loving and was so happy when I brought him to my house and fed him, cleaned him up and gave him some loves. There was just so much life left in his eyes, I couldn't take it away without trying.
Here is Roo at six pounds the day I brought him home...

And here is Roo now at 12 pounds....

Roo has been pretty healthy these last few years. I changed vets after that last one told me to put him down, I found a veterinarian that thought Roo deserved a chance too. Roo suffers from severe feline periodontal disease and Stomatitis. The vet said that he should have all teeth extracted which he only has a few but she said back then that we could try to manage this with antibiotics due to the fact that I couldn't afford the surgery. Until now, he has done fairly well but last week I noticed one of his eyes looked watery, I thought it was a cold until a few days after that when I noticed the swelling and the dilation of just that one eye.

Well, turns out Roo has a Tooth Root Abscess and the Abscess is up under his eye. We have tried antibiotics but the tooth needs to be extracted the cost will be at least $500.00 and I don't have it.

I don't like asking people for anything so this is difficult but Roo needs help and so here I am asking for help.

It is breaking my heart to see him this way, his face is all puffy and it hurts. He has been through so much already, he doesn't deserve this to happen to him. He is suppose to be one of the lucky one's, he found a forever home and people who love him sooo much. I just don't want it to end this way, it's not fair.

I know times are tough for all of us now and I understand if you cannot help but if you can we would be so grateful.

I am going to try and sell my camera and put the money towards Roo's care.

Thank you.

PS- I will provide accounting for funds donated.

When You Miss Me

It is just so sad to see your cute little face in the window as I drive away to take Haley to school or to go to the store. I know all the trouble you go through to try and stop me from going. I really never want to leave you.
But coming home is always nice as you greet me at the door with that giant meow that deaf cats have and you begin to circle my feet and meow some more…. continuously until I put my stuff down and say hi to my Mikey…there is really no other feeling to compare this to because this moment belongs to only us because it is our friendship and best friends always have their own way.
When you miss me…I miss you too.
Model is Mikey
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