Mikey's House

I am not sure exactly when it all happened but at some point between the day Mikey was born and now, I became a complete sucker for this cat. I'm serious.
I know many people spoil their animals and they should be spoiled but Mikey has taken this all to such a different level , or I have and he just ran with it.

Mikey is not my pet, oh no, I do not even claim to own him because I feel like even saying it sounds just awful.

Mikey is a full on member of this household and he has his say.

Crazy? Probably. But when I look at that face....I want to make sure he knows that he is important too.

With that said...this household is a busy one, I have a 6 year old daughter, a boyfriend, a boss,  6 cats, a standard poodle and 5 goldfish to care for...it gets crazy.

Did I mention my cats are indoor cats? We live in mountain lion country and cats don't do well outside, especially deaf ones ...I am assuming.

So I also have this garden that needs watered everyday and during this time of watering Mikey has always pitched a fit in the window wanting out so last summer I went out and got him a leash and harness which he loves and walks great with now. Sounds all good right?  Not quite.

Trying to explain to Mikey that he has to wait till after I water to go outside is not an easy task. So each time he even sees me go towards the door he runs to it and throws himself between me and the door and meows soooo loud,  being deaf makes him louder.
This was really cute at first but now....it's still adorable but I feel so guilty making him stay in after this little production number.

So here I am...a grown person...with an average level of intelligence...sneaking out of my own house when Mikey is not looking. Yes, I sneak out.

Not only do I sneak but I threaten everyone in the house that if they wake his deaf booty up before I get out the door, I will be after theirs. LOL

No joke.

And then if I manage to get out without waking him, I take him out as soon as I'm done. Wow. It has really come to this.

But it's that face, his charming little, sweet little, kissable little face.  I just want his eyes to always be smiling when they look at me...he has that coming, he has been making my heart smile for years now.

U not go no wheres without me

When I am on my computer, he is there.
When I go to the bathroom, he is there.
While I am cooking dinner, he is there.
When I am sleeping, he is there.
It doesn't matter what I am doing, or how long it takes to do it, Mikey is always there, my little shadow, my friend.

Model is Mikey

The Presence of a Cat

“There is something about the presence of a cat…
that seems to take the bite out of being alone.”

~ Louis J. Camuti

Model is Mikey

Alley Cat Allies Represents Cats on The Daily Show

Alley cat7/12/2011
Last night, Alley Cat Allies appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.


Charlie Chaplin


Couldn’t resist. this is Mikey with his blanket, he loves to hide under it and sleep with it and play dress up with it.
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