Are you a bad person because you choose NOT to look at abused animals?

No, I do not believe that you are a bad person at all.

Each of us has a tolerance level  as to how much we can take in when it comes to these stories of abuse and neglect.

Animal abuse and neglect is awful, there is no way around that fact. Some of the images out there are just heart wrenching and the video's are enough to make you want to throw up.

I believe that the first reaction of most people when faced with these stories is to look away because no one wants to see an animal in distress. It makes us sad and we feel helpless and why would anyone want to feel that way on purpose?

However, if there is one thing that I have learned in this life it is this...

If we don't look...we don't see.

I am not suggesting that people sit around watching animal abuse stories all day long, I certainly don't. I do have a rule though, if a story presents itself in front of me at any given time....I find the courage to read, to look or to watch.


Because change only happens when we face the problem.

I have literally been sick to my stomach with some of the abuse cases that I have seen, the images are etched in my mind but those images are the match that ignites the flame inside me because I cannot go to sleep or go anywhere and do anything without trying to do something to help in some way.
It is so difficult to see, there is no doubt about it. I bet it is even more difficult for those animals to be living that nightmare.

I picture myself somewhere living in deplorable conditions, being hungry and abused daily and then watching as people walk by but never look at me and hearing them say "no, I just can't look"
Now I know animals don't understand our words but they understand pain and fear and suffering just as we do.

It is frustrating I know because we want to help them all and we can't by ourselves and so we tell ourselves why look and put myself through that when I know I cannot do anything about it?
I will tell you why because they need you to see them because someone is hurting them and you would be surprised at what you can do once that flame inside you has been ignited.

I heard recently that people on Facebook are trying to get pictures from rescue groups banned because they cannot handle seeing the images in their news feed.

I'm sorry but this is where they lost me.

Those pictures from rescue groups are trying to get your help for those animals that are being abused.

Maybe we should put our energy into trying to stop the abuse instead of the pictures.

The animals finally have a way to show you what is happening to media is powerful and really does help them a lot.

Why would anyone want to to stand in the way of that?

Just because we may choose to look away doesn’t mean the torment is not happening.

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