Saturday, August 27, 2016

Mitsi Needs Surgery Soon

Well....Mitsi woke up this morning and she had blood on both sides of her face, down the front of her and on het front legs and paws. The bleeding was obviously from her mouth but it had stopped bleeding but she was a mess.

After I gave her some pain meds I then cleaned her up somewhat as you can see here...once the meds kicked in she wanted to help with the cleanup....but first she ate 2 small cans of food. Usually, she eats just one.

She has been on Veraflox for a couple weeks now, before that it was clavamox and before that it was some other antibiotic. My poor girl has been on one or another since March. She also gets Buprenix daily for pain and she was on steriods for a while. The pain meds take the edge off, but only the edge.

I feel like such a jerk for putting her through all  of this...its just difficult to give up on her when she is otherwise healthy.

I rescued Mitsi a few years ago when she was pregnant and living under a trailer. It was raining and she was cold  and hungry, she was feral and so scared but she was soooo pregnant, ready to have them any minute, I think that is the reason she allowed me to grab her that night. I had tried to get her before with no luck at all.

I remember bringing her home that night, she just acted so grateful. 

She had her babies the very next day, we were thrilled. For the next two months or so, we were all in heaven...Mitsi was too. She was safe and so were her kittens. They had their own space away from the other animals and all they had to do was just enjoy each day.

It was incredible, she was such a good Mama.

When the kittens were ready I created an online application for their adoption, we had 50 applicants. All of them went to awesome homes and I decided I wanted to keep Mitsi.

She is really a great cat but since she was Diagnosed with  Stomatitis, she hides a lot because it hurts so bad.

When she came home with me that first night, all I wanted is for her to have a good life since she had it so rough before.

But she is not having a good life.

The vet needs to pull all of her teeth for her to have a pain free life, I want that for her so badly, she so deserves that. 

But its not happening,  I dont have $800 for the surgery. Over the last few years I have spent over $2000 on her illness, but its been a little at a time. 

I have tried GofundMe and raised some..bless all of you who have given to her, every dime has went for her care. I save every receipt also.

I have tried different organizations but they want people that are unemployed or have some hardship but I dont have either. I just have a little kid and 6 other cats to support which doesnt leave me a lot left over. The bills are paid , we have what we need...except for this surgery.

I spoke with her vet and we are going to get together in the next few days to figure out what we need to do...

If we cant get this done, I wont have any other choice but to put her to rest because this is really no way to live for her...her  mouth looks like hamburger meat inside and now she is getting the ulcers on her chin and lips.

I cant do this anymore, I love her too much.
This is not how it was all suppose to go...I just wanted to help her.

So this is my last ditch effort...
If anyone wants to donate money for her surgery you can do so by donating directly to Mitsi's vet. Her vets nane is

 Tina Johnson at Newberg Veterinary Hospital

 the number is 


If you do donate to her vet please let me know this way I am not calling the vet constantly.

I also have Paypal so if that is easier then you can do that also.

My PayPal email is

Prayers work too and your support means everything to me.

I just have to give it another try. 

Thanks for reading this I know it was long.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Are you a bad person because you choose NOT to look at abused animals?

No, I do not believe that you are a bad person at all.

Each of us has a tolerance level  as to how much we can take in when it comes to these stories of abuse and neglect.

Animal abuse and neglect is awful, there is no way around that fact. Some of the images out there are just heart wrenching and the video's are enough to make you want to throw up.

I believe that the first reaction of most people when faced with these stories is to look away because no one wants to see an animal in distress. It makes us sad and we feel helpless and why would anyone want to feel that way on purpose?

However, if there is one thing that I have learned in this life it is this...

If we don't look...we don't see.

I am not suggesting that people sit around watching animal abuse stories all day long, I certainly don't. I do have a rule though, if a story presents itself in front of me at any given time....I find the courage to read, to look or to watch.


Because change only happens when we face the problem.

I have literally been sick to my stomach with some of the abuse cases that I have seen, the images are etched in my mind but those images are the match that ignites the flame inside me because I cannot go to sleep or go anywhere and do anything without trying to do something to help in some way.
It is so difficult to see, there is no doubt about it. I bet it is even more difficult for those animals to be living that nightmare.

I picture myself somewhere living in deplorable conditions, being hungry and abused daily and then watching as people walk by but never look at me and hearing them say "no, I just can't look"
Now I know animals don't understand our words but they understand pain and fear and suffering just as we do.

It is frustrating I know because we want to help them all and we can't by ourselves and so we tell ourselves why look and put myself through that when I know I cannot do anything about it?
I will tell you why because they need you to see them because someone is hurting them and you would be surprised at what you can do once that flame inside you has been ignited.

I heard recently that people on Facebook are trying to get pictures from rescue groups banned because they cannot handle seeing the images in their news feed.

I'm sorry but this is where they lost me.

Those pictures from rescue groups are trying to get your help for those animals that are being abused.

Maybe we should put our energy into trying to stop the abuse instead of the pictures.

The animals finally have a way to show you what is happening to media is powerful and really does help them a lot.

Why would anyone want to to stand in the way of that?

Just because we may choose to look away doesn’t mean the torment is not happening.

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Took Mitzi in this morning to the vet and they gave her some pain meds, steroids and some antibiotics and I got a new estimate for her Extractions for $862. Whoo Hooo So excited right now. 
I took her to the same vet that cared for Mikey and I am so happy that I did.
So here is the new info I have for Donations.
Mitzi's vet is Tina Johnson (My Hero for all of time) at Newberg Veterinary Hospital
You can make donations directly to them if you wish to.
Mitzi's Gofundme page
Or you can donate by Paypal at
I appreciate you all so, so much. Thank you.
Mitzi is feeling so much better this morning. Her Vet says the teeth need to come out very soon. Her heart and lungs sound awesome but her mouth looks like hamburger meat. Yikes!
So I am crossing my fingers and I am hoping to make some photo sales this week that will go towards her care. Every little bit helps.
Thank you so much for your support, your advice, your donations but most of all those Prayers, they really work and you people ROCK! I just love you so much.

I was thinking today...

It seems that I am always caring for at least one cat that needs help. LOL Thing is, I think I thrive this way. Don't misunderstand me, I do not like it when any of my babies are sick but when I am caring for one who really needs some special attention....there is not another time that I feel as useful ...
I know that rescuing them is suppose to be about them but it has become about me also even if that sounds's true.
I believe this is what I am suppose to be doing in this life and it's what I want to do.
That feeling when you have put in in hours and hours of coaxing time for months with a feral and they finally let you in...
When you spend days nursing someone sick back to health, that moment when you realize they are going to be ok....
That feral Mama cat that I just knew would attack me the moment she saw me while trying to give birth but she didn't and allowed me to share the moment and even help....
The look of a dozen feral cats that have full tummies...
The look of my 7 cats with full tummies....
That feeling I had the day I decided a feral cat in our neighborhood needed help and I managed to get him in a carrier without trapping him....that was truly a joyous day...
I get high off this stuff I swear I do....the adrenaline gets going and my heart starts beating fast, its wild.
Being friends with them is the most important thing to me , I always want it so bad and when it happens I am walking on sunshine.
I am not sure when my life really became this way, it seems like it has just always been this way.
They give me purpose, they give me a sense of right, of doing right.
I know I cannot help them all...but you can bet your boots I will be helping someone.
Model is Mikey in a Photoshop Painting I did of him from the photograph. It is one of my favorites.

Friday, November 13, 2015

7 Cats in a Car


The trip was uneventful as far as the cats were concerned...they slept the entire twelve hours of the trip. I spent weeks preparing for this trek from California to Oregon with 7 cats in a car. I purchased carriers for each of them along with new collars and tags with their names on each one. I made sure each cat had their medical file together and on hand. I packed a right now box full of the things they might need along the ride to their new home like food and meds and litter. I totally stressed about this trip with them for weeks. I was worried about everything. What if somehow they escaped their carrier? What if they had to go potty? What if? What if? What if?

Did I mention they slept the ENTIRE way? LOL

This last week has been a bit of an adjustment but for the most part it's going rather well.

Now that they have explored every inch of the house, my 3 indoor/outdoor cats are insisting it's time to explore outside. They are like little kids in a candy store looking out at all the trees here.

But not so fast. Not yet.

I have a whole new set of things to worry about first. LOL

Model is Boo

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

This is what life is all about

Above left is what BoyBoy looked like when we first met.

I do not believe there is a better feeling than watching an animal thrive after they were so close to dying. It’s a feeling that is difficult to describe but it fills me up to see him now.
It’s been a process. Building a friendship always takes time and effort and a ton of patience. Even when there is a connection from the start there are still all of the little adjustments along the way that you have to just wade through.
BoyBoy is an amazing guy, he really is and I am not just saying that because I love him. I have watched him go from that scared un-trusting feral cat to this loving Boy who curls up next to me for his afternoon naps. His objective in the beginning may have appeared to be food…he was starving so of course this very basic need had to be met but once his tummy became full….his focus changed completely.
BoyBoy has to have 2 wet meals a day due to not having teeth. (and a bowl of milk in between) After a while, when I would go out to feed him in the garage, he wouldn’t eat, he would just keep rubbing his head on my leg. I thought something was wrong at first until I figured out that if I sat down with him and gave him lovies first, he would then walk over to his bowl and eat every bite.
He picks me over food.
This is how I finally got him to come in the house. He would look around my room and the fan was blowing and the fish tanks were humming and the air stones bubbling and he was intimidated of course but he wanted to be with me and that was stronger than his fear and that has totally touched my heart in so many more ways than I could ever express to you.
Love is amazing, never underestimate the power that your heart has to help another…
Saving his life was wonderful but watching him now live….this is what life is all about.

feral cat

Friday, May 29, 2015

There is more to Mikey's House than Cats you know...


This is BJ and he is a plecostomus, he is from the Catfish family also known as a Pleco or sucker fish.
When I first adopted BJ he was about 2 inches long...he is now 13 inches long. He has gotten so big that he now has his very own 55 gallon tank which I am now looking to upgrade because of his size. BJ is 6 years old and wow do we have a history.
He came to me with 14 goldfish in a bucket. LOL I knew nothing about his kind at all so it was trial and error. At first he shared a tank with the Gold Fish (not all of them) but he is a warm water fish and the Goldfish are cold water fish so this was a very interesting balancing act. I had a Pleco years before that had died because honestly I didn't know how to meet his needs. I was determined that BJ would not have the same fate.
Living in the mountains for most of his life was also a challenge because every time it snowed we would lose power which meant no heater for BJ. I should of just purchased a battery operated heater for back up but that would have been too easy. LOL Instead I would get those hand warmers that you shake and they heat up and I would put them in zip-lock baggies and toss them in the tank. Sometimes it got too cold for even those and I would actually take him out of the tank and put him in a hospital tank and then take him downstairs by the fire. Yes we have been through it. LOL But you know what? I love him, I enjoy him so much. His tank is in my bedroom so I get to watch him all the time. He is spoiled, He gets zuccini and cucumbers and watermelon  in addition to his regular diet of algae wafers .
Recently I rescued another Pleco from Walmart who was dying so now I have two but they are not in the same tank.
So no, Mikey's House is not just about cats in the feline form we have cats in fish form as well. LOL

Monday, April 27, 2015

NO COST Spay and Neuter

No Cost spay and neuter..
I just wanted to pass along this awesome deal for those living in the Sacramento area and Placer County Area of California.
I have never been to the Sacramento Location but I have been to the Auburn Clinic and they are just Fantastic.I have taken so many Feral cats there and also my own Cats. They do a great job and you just cant beat this deal they got going on....

If you click the image below you will be taken directly to their website.