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Mitsi Passed Away

I wanted to let you know about Mitsi, my Mama cat, she passed away in November.
Mitsi was pregnant when I rescued her and she had her kittens the very next day.
We let her raise her kittens in the warm house and when they got older I created an online adoption application for them and over 50 people applied to adopt them. They all went to amazing homes.
I knew from the get that I wanted to keep Mitsi.
About six months or so after the kittens went to their forever homes Mitsi was diagnosed with severe stomatitis which means her mouth was inflamed, her gums were a dark red and her throat looked like hamburger meat. Her whole mouth was covered in ulcers.
The only hope for a cure would be to have all of her teeth removed and it would cost $1200 for the surgery in Sacramento but with no guarantee it would work.
We decided to wait because of the money it would cost and we moved to Oregon.
She was on pain killers but cats don't do so well on long term pain killers, their kidneys usually get pissed off.
Once we moved here I raised the money to have her teeth removed and it didn't cost quite as much but still a lot.
Mitsi did so well after surgery but her vet was concerned because her gums were so bad they wouldn't even hold a suture.
She recovered and we thought she was home free. She was so happy but then it returned and it was worse than before.
For the last year of her life she has been on pain meds every single day.
She has been mostly out of it all the time. We did have our times though each day when she would be all lovey.
The last few weeks of her life I noticed her weight loss. I figured it was her mouth hurting and her not eating enough.
But on November 26th she went to take a step and fell over. She had two seizures and she died in my arms.
My heart has been broken ever since.
I just miss her so much.
You know, when I met her she was a feral cat living under a trailer. I tried to get her many times with no luck but the day before she was to have her kittens she decided to take a chance on me and she allowed me to get her into that carrier.
She did it for her babies, I know she did. She took a chance and it paid off. She always seemed so grateful.
I really do miss her so much.
This is Mitsi, I called her Mama though because she earned that title.
Model is Mitsi (Mama)

Here is the post when we first met.

Semi Retired

Back when Mikey was younger, he and I would spend entire days just taking pictures.
I know he didn't truly understand what I was doing with this camera in my hand but if I didn't know better, I would swear he knew exactly what I was doing.
It was a game to Mikey, I would get down on the floor with him and just watch him play.
I believe my best shots came from that time.
He would roll around on the floor and try to get me and then he would hide and I would go look for him and then I would hide and he would look for me.
It was so much fun and those memories are some of the best memories I have had in my life.
I enjoyed every second that we would spend together.
Now a days at 17 years old, he doesn't play so much but we still spend entire days together, just not with my camera in my hand.
Don't get me wrong, I still take a ton of pictures of him (as you know), its just not my main focus with him these days like it once was.
I guess you could say he is semi retired. Lol
Instead, these days we spend our time loving.
We talk about old times...
I do all the talking actually and the fact that he can't hear me makes me seem nuts but I dont care, I still ask him if he remembers stuff. Lol
He knows what Im saying, he doesn't need those old ears.
Mikey listens with his heart and he hears mine perfectly.
Model is Mikey

If you have been impacted 

by the recent wildfires in Paradise, California 

Your cat may be waiting for you at the 

Alley Cat Allies Recovery Center®

Camp Fire Monkeys Need Your Help

It has been 128 days since the awful Camp Fire and many cats are still being rescued off of that mountain.
There are still so many more.
Fieldhaven, with the support of Alley Cat Allies are working tirelessly to bring these babies home.
They need our help.
Please consider making a donation to Fieldhaven to help the Camp Fire Cats of Paradise, Magalia and Concow.

I wish that I could just see him run again

sitting on grass

I wish that I could just see him run again, like he did when he was young.
My little hurricane as he shot through the house, over the chairs knocking stuff off the tables
He would hit the stairs at full throttle and it would take him two leaps and he would be at the top.
I would walk into the bedroom and he would peek out from under the bed then he would grab my ankles. Lol
He would jump from the bed onto the dresser and then to the cat tree and then up to his perch that was made for him that overlooked the entire room, it was almost to the ceiling high.
When he was through with this little outburst of his he would just jump from the perch to the bed.
It really is no wonder why he has arthritis now, he was pretty tough on that body of his
Watching him though was like magic as he sailed through the air and as he would run his hair would blow against him and you just knew you were witnessing how the royals play.
My king.
Model is Mikey
Mikey's House (Page)
Mikey's House (website)

Mikey's Cat House (Group)

Happy Easter

cat egg

Cat Cell Phone Covers

I know, this is something a little different from what I usually post here but they turned out so dang cute that I wanted to at least let you know about them.

I sell most of my work on Redbubble and there are many different products available. I really like the phone cases and the greeting cards too. :)

I actually got my Daughter Haley one of these for her Birthday with her Cat Tiggy on it and she just loves it so much. 

Redbubble does quality work which is why I have chosen them to handle most of my production.

There are many, many more photographs to choose from for these covers but here are a few.

They offer many models of the Samsung Galaxy and also several models of the iphone.

To purchase my phone covers just click on the images below.

cat phone covers preview

cat phone covers preview

cat phone covers preview

cat phone covers preview

domestic cat dressed up as lion

domestic cat dressed up as lion roaring

Mikey decided he wants to be a Lion for Halloween. Lol

Model is Mikey, he is roaring. Lol

Pet First-Aid Kit

DIY Pet First-Aid Kit

Use this kit in an emergency until your veterinarian can take over
Here’s What You’ll Need:

1)  Phone number, clinic name, address of your veterinarian PLUS
     contact info for  local veterinary emergency clinics

2)  Absorbent gauze pads

3)  Adhesive tape

4)  Cotton balls or swabs

5)  Fresh 3% hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting
     (always check with veterinarian or animal poison control expert before          giving to your pet)

6)  Ice pack

7)  Disposable gloves

8)  Scissors with blunt end PLUS tweezers

9)  Over-the-counter antibiotic ointment

10)  Liquid dishwashing detergent for bathing PLUS towels

11)  Small flashlight

12)  Oral syringe or kitchen baster

13)  Alcohol wipes

14)  Styptic powder

15)  Saline eye solution PLUS artificial tear gel


Mikey and Mitsi Dental Surgeries

Mikey has a bad tooth and has been suffering with it for about a week. I will be taking him in on 2/10/17 which is when we get paid. His vet wants to do full blood work on him and then deal with his mouth which is going to cost a bit I am sure.
My problem is that Mitsi, my little rescue cat who has Stomatitis and had dental surgery several months ago is scheduled to go back into surgery on the 2/16/17.
I have 2 cats in pain and both need surgery within a week of the other and I am totally freaking out. I won't be able to afford to have them both done so I am asking for help. I have to at least try to come up with it.
Right now I have both cats on Buprenex which is crazy expensive. Mikey just started with the pain meds but Mitsi has been on it for months now.
I am just drained, having two of them going through this at the same time is wearing me out.
If you can help, that would be so great but if you cannot I totally understand. Prayers are needed too and I will gladly take those as well. I know some of you have already invested money for Mitsi's mouth and I thought it would be just one surgery but they did not take out all of her teeth like I thought they were going to because of the condition of her mouth which was just awful. Her Vet was having a tough time getting her gums to even hold a suture. So sad.
She was doing great for a little while after surgery but then it started creeping back because there are still teeth in her mouth... I just want this to be over for her, she has been through too much. This is our last chance because I won't put her through anymore.:(
As I said, we get paid on the 10th and will be able to cover most of it, just not all. their vet has been so awesome too, she goes above and beyond for my animals, she has been incredible. She is already giving me a discount on Mitsi and I just don't want to ask her for more after all she has already done.

Donations can be made here

or Directly to the Veterinary Hospital
Just give them the info below..
Mikey and Mitsi Dental Surgery
Newberg Veterinary Hospital
3716 E Portland Rd, Newberg, OR 97132
 (503) 538-8303 

Dr. Tina Johnson
Or you can also donate via my PayPal at ibjennyjenny@hotmail.com

Thank you.

I'm sorry I have to even ask.

Mikey's House (Page)

Mikey's House (website)

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