Wednesday, March 25, 2015

So How is YOUR Flea Stuff Working?

Just wondering if the Flea killer/Preventative you use on your pet is still working...because mine is not. Mine Sucks and it is pissing me off.
I have tried so many and they all suck now pretty much. I have read different reasons as to why but honestly, I don't care why. I just want it work. Especially since it cost me $80 to treat all of my animals for 1 month. Yes, for one month. So you can imagine how upset I am getting when it doesn't work.
Now, I have done all the things they recommend to do, bathing the animals, treating the yard, vacuuming all the time, washing all their bedding regularly. But those suckers are just relentless.
We are not infested or anything, I am only finding a couple of fleas on the animals here and there but I shouldn't be finding any. And it's amazing how one flea can drive an animal nuts, not to mention stress them out and really reduce their quality of life. That makes me mad. Mikey is 12 years old and it really upsets me that his senior years are being spent this way, really, really upsets me.

Honestly, they shouldn't be selling the stuff if it doesn't work but that would be in a perfect world which we do not live in.  At least reduce the price but noooo.

So....I am here to at least share with you my findings along this pesty road.

For many, many years my go to product for fleas was always Frontline Plus.


All I had to do was apply it to the animals, thats it. I didn't have to treat the environment because once applied the fleas just went away. Beautiful. Perfect.

Not Anymore.

This stuff doesn't kill any fleas now at all. Not even one. So I no longer buy this product.

I was told I needed to alternate products so I did use it off and on for a while longer after finding out it still would't work. 
The other product I used and still do use is Advantage 2.


But it sucks too just not as bad as Frontline. I can usually get the Advantage to at least kill the fleas for  a couple of days. Even a couple of days relief is better than nothing right?

And Revolution...the only preventative on the market that I have tried that works for about 2 weeks is by prescription only which is such a load of crap.

I mean this is beyond wrong. You have to take your cat/dog to the vet before you can get this product. Which is all fine if you have 1 or 2 pets but what happens to the people like me that have way more than 1 or 2 ? I guess we are just out of luck. I cannot afford to take all of my animals to the vet to get this and then have to pay the outrageous price for the product on top of that. And what about all the ferals? Sure I can pet them long enough to apply flea meds but trapping a feral cat twice is not likely to happen. Did I mention the vet visit has to be current? Such Bullshit.

So the ferals are just suffering period.

I tried Fleabusters for the house which did nothing.$44 and nothing. at least nothing for long.


Then I  tried Apple Cider Vinegar, I put it in a spray bottle and sprayed everything everyday. I rinsed the animals in it and it works great actually but the animals absolutely hate the smell. Some of my cats squint their eyes if I just hold the spray bottle in my hand. I am not real fond of the house smelling like it either but I used it for a long time and it does work, fleas hate it.


I tried Lemons mixed with the vinegar. I boiled the lemons, allowed them to sit for many hours and then mixed it with the vinegar in my spray bottle and rinse water. This works too but the cats hate it even worse than the vinegar by itself so it's not worth it because they are still suffering

image of

So,  what it has come down to (and they still have fleas but we are managing them kinda) is....

Capstar, Dawn Dish Soap and the Flea Comb


Capstar is a (Right Now) flea killer that you give your animal orally (which I like) and for the most part it works, just not for long. Capstar works for 24 hours. The fleas don't fall off dead like they claim but they do die  and there is some relief with this product but it cost me $18 for 6 tablets. We have 10 cats and 5 dogs. You do the math. So I compromise with the Dawn. Only the long haired cats and indoor/outdoor cats get Capstar.  The others get Dawn , actually they all get Dawn.
Out of everything I have tried nothing kills fleas faster than Dawn, this stuff is amazing. Of course as soon as the suds dry up and the smell is gone the fleas return but hey, the cats don't mind the smell of Dawn at all so I put it in my spray bottle. I spray everything with it not just the cats. The cats that I can bathe get bathed in it. And here is the's safe in the garden so I hook up a sprayer of it to my hose and I spray it on the lawn, the patio, the flowers everywhere outside. I do this a couple times a week. We have an exterminator  that sprays once a month around here and I asked him to spray for fleas too but even their stuff doesn't work.  It's totally crazy and it's not even summer yet. 

This is only my second year back here in the City. We have lived up in the mountains for 11 years and we didn't have any issues with fleas at all. Frontline and the Cedar trees took good care of them. Oh and I got some Cedar Mulch to put around outside also.

I know this all sounds like a lot of work and it is but if I stop for even a day those buggers will take over. I dislike fleas. Can you tell. LOL

The Flea Comb is the most important part. I comb these animals every single day. And yes you would be correct if you are thinking that I have no life. LOL But that's the price I pay to have these amazing animals in my life. Sure I wish it was easier but it's not and I have to do what I have to do. Did I mention we have a Rabbit and a Hamster and Fish too?  The fish don't have fleas. LOL  But the flea Comb works great on the Rabbit and the hamster as well.

image of

So if any of you have tried any of the newer products or have any home remedies of your own I would love to hear it...I need all the help I can get cause this is gonna be a long summer.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


I can barely believe that Mikey is almost 12 years old. Where has the time gone? How can this be?
When I look at him, I try not think of his age but every once in a while the thoughts creep in. I literally have to stop myself from thinking about it.

But what an amazing 12 years it has been.

I am really hoping for at least another 50. (A girl can dream)

Sunday, January 18, 2015


They say that animals are difficult to read but honestly, this has not been my experience, at least not with Mikey anyway, he is a pretty easy read.

As you can see here, Mikey makes it pretty obvious how he is feeling. LOL

I was in the hall taking pictures instead of playing like Mikey wanted to do so he jumped up on his rail and through himself down with a big sigh...LOL

Model is Mikey... Bored

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Being an advocate for Animal Rights can get lonely sometimes. There are times when it just feels so impossible to ever make a change, it's easy to get discouraged.
But then something happens like yesterday, I get an email from a high school teacher who wants to use some of my work in her classroom...she is discussing animal abuse and the treatment of animals in general.
It's within these moments that I know that even though I am only one person I can still help create change.  This teacher will be speaking to a classroom of students...that is so amazing because this is where our words and our hearts will count the most because those kids are the future and what they learn today about the rights of animals will determine how animals will live tomorrow.

It makes my heart smile to know that we have Teachers out there who are teaching our children to respect ALL living things....

It gives me Hope.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


If there is one thing that you should never say to me when it comes to Mikey or any cat it would have to be "Oh, he is just a cat".

"Just a cat" is a term many people use but they rarely use it around me, especially when they are talking about my Mikey but it has happened a time a two.
My response is always more than they want to hear but I usually make them suffer through it anyway. LOL

I have no problem telling people that Mikey is my best friend, not ever. Some people totally get it and have no problem with it at all but then there are others who give me that 'you are a crazy cat lady look' which usually makes me want to prove how crazy I really am...about Mikey. 
People who do not appreciate cats usually don't like to hear about them and when I am talking with People like this and they decide to shrug Mikey off as any kind of "real friend" he could possibly be....I have to set them straight.
If my best friend was human there would never be any kind of shrug at all or even if my best friend was a dog, that would be acceptable to all as well...but a cat...and then they roll their eyes.

Let me just say this to those people...... (and you know who you are)

When I wake up in the middle of the night and I am finding it hard to breathe...reaching for Mikey and finding him there has literally made the difference

When I wake up in the morning to his beautiful Meow (loud as it is) I am ready to start my day with a smile

When I am scared....his fur has been my favorite hiding place too many times to count.

When I walk in from being gone for even a few minutes....I get greeted like he hasn't seen me in ages, I get head rubs and purrs and let me tell's very difficult to feel unloved around him and there is something to be said for that.

When we play hide and seek and his eyes turn all black when he is doing the seeking....I get totally into it and I am ready to play

When I am having a rough day and all seems to be a mess...he shows up at that moment and he makes it better

He has never hurt me

He has never left me

He looks for me

He follows me around just to be near me

And when I look at him and we make eye contact...he meows every single time. Do I know what he is saying? Absolutely. He is saying that I am his best friend too.

Oh, and he is saying that I should tell all you people who think he is 'only a cat' bite me.

Monday, April 21, 2014


The past couple of months have been so full of joy. We have loved having them every single day since they were born. We are looking for people who will now love them every single day for the rest of their lives. If you are interested in adopting one of these special kittens please fill out our short application below. 


FYI.....We are located in the Sacramento area  Email (please put "kitten" in the subject line)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mitsi's Friendship (A Mama Cat Rescue)

She is so beautiful.
The very first time I saw her at the park was many months before we rescued her. I could not approach her, no one could. I knew I would need to use my trap if I had any hope of getting her to go with me if I chose to try.
Time went by and the next thing I know, she is pregnant and my friend was concerned for her safety. It was time though that last day at the park when she finally came home with me but a trap was not needed.
Call it a mother's love or some work on my friends part for taming her a bit with food all I know is that on every other day that I had ever seen her, approaching her was not an option. LOL
I have been down the feral cat rescue road many many times and know full well what an uncooperative feral can act's not pretty sometimes. LOL
On that day though, she stood there, so very pregnant and ready to have kittens soon it seemed. I reached down and picked her up and put her in a carrier and she never let out a peep. She behaved herself the entire car ride home with maybe a meow or two. I was ready for the chaos when I let her into the bathroom (because I have seen the chaos that can be) but that didn't happen. She accepted our help and she actually seemed grateful.
It took a lot of guts for her to allow me to pick her up and take her home that day...a lot of guts. But I convinced that she knew I would not hurt her and she needed help. Since that day we have been trusted not only with her but with her beautiful babies as well. We all watched as she gave birth, she welcomed us. I don't know what goes on in a mama cats head in her position but I know what it's like to have a child and to want to protect them and want what is best for them, I have recognized this feeling in her. She took a gamble that day, I could have been a monster but she took it for the good of her babies. I am really proud to call Mitsi my friend and it touches my heart that she considers us her friends as well. She is a good Mama and very special cat.

Model is Mitsi, she had her kittens the day after we rescued her.

You can visit her Facebook page here and see  more of her babies too  (Sooo Cute)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Today is Sissy's Birthday too

Sissy is Mikey's Sister, his litter mate.
She is different than Mikey in almost every way. 
She stays in the background always, never asking for much and she is very shy with people but not with me. 
I call Sissy my scaredy cat because she rarely leaves my bedroom.
She sleeps on my pillow every single night, it's the only demand she has but she says it politely. Don't let that kid ya though because she talks ALL the time....if I talk to her first, she will keep a conversation going as long as I do.
Sissy is not the "Rockstar" in the family like her brother Mikey is but she has her own place within me that only belongs to her. She has been along on this journey every step of the way and she is also my friend...

Sissy is 11 years old Today.