Took Mitzi in this morning to the vet and they gave her some pain meds, steroids and some antibiotics and I got a new estimate for her Extractions for $862. Whoo Hooo So excited right now. 
I took her to the same vet that cared for Mikey and I am so happy that I did.
So here is the new info I have for Donations.
Mitzi's vet is Tina Johnson (My Hero for all of time) at Newberg Veterinary Hospital
Newberg Veterinary Hospital

You can make donations directly to them if you wish to.
Mitzi's Gofundme page

Or you can donate by Paypal at
I appreciate you all so, so much. Thank you.
Mitzi is feeling so much better this morning. Her Vet says the teeth need to come out very soon. Her heart and lungs sound awesome but her mouth looks like hamburger meat. Yikes!
So I am crossing my fingers and I am hoping to make some photo sales this week that will go towards her care. Every little bit helps.
Thank you so much for your support, your advice, your donations but most of all those Prayers, they really work and you people ROCK! I just love you so much.

I was thinking today...

It seems that I am always caring for at least one cat that needs help. LOL Thing is, I think I thrive this way. Don't misunderstand me, I do not like it when any of my babies are sick but when I am caring for one who really needs some special attention....there is not another time that I feel as useful ...
I know that rescuing them is suppose to be about them but it has become about me also even if that sounds's true.
I believe this is what I am suppose to be doing in this life and it's what I want to do.
That feeling when you have put in in hours and hours of coaxing time for months with a feral and they finally let you in...
When you spend days nursing someone sick back to health, that moment when you realize they are going to be ok....
That feral Mama cat that I just knew would attack me the moment she saw me while trying to give birth but she didn't and allowed me to share the moment and even help....
The look of a dozen feral cats that have full tummies...
The look of my 7 cats with full tummies....
That feeling I had the day I decided a feral cat in our neighborhood needed help and I managed to get him in a carrier without trapping him....that was truly a joyous day...
I get high off this stuff I swear I do....the adrenaline gets going and my heart starts beating fast, its wild.
Being friends with them is the most important thing to me , I always want it so bad and when it happens I am walking on sunshine.
I am not sure when my life really became this way, it seems like it has just always been this way.
They give me purpose, they give me a sense of right, of doing right.
I know I cannot help them all...but you can bet your boots I will be helping someone.
Model is Mikey in a Photoshop Painting I did of him from the photograph. It is one of my favorites.
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