Zebra's Don't Belong on the Street

Sleeping Tabby Kitten

Looking at this photograph makes me smile….but at the same time, it makes me angry as well.
This little guy and his two siblings were dropped off the other night at the end of a road. Yes, there are actually adult people walking around somewhere that somehow came to the decision that dropping off three 8-10 week old kittens on a dead end road next to a field was a good idea.
It scares the hell out of me that there are people like this living among us.
Thank God the dead end road led to my friend Sandy’s house or these babies would probably not be here right now. She lives at the end of that road next to that field and the other day she saw some stranger drive off and then realized there were babies left. Sandy never skipped a beat, despite the fact that she has already inherited 2 extra cats upon moving into her house because they were left behind….Sandy scoops up the two kittens she can get a hold of and takes them into her home and then gets a hold of me about the one she cannot get. So I head to her house the next morning. (I live in the mountains and she is in the city…kinda the city) I walk over to where she says they were left and I can hear a baby meow so I start talking to a kitten that I cannot see, after a half an hour or so I realize this baby is in a tree, stuck there too. So I start to walk away to go get a chair and this baby starts crying so loud, she was saying “don’t leave me” I know it. So I get a chair and climb this tree and as soon as she gets a hold of me, she grabs on for dear life, we climb down and I told her it would be ok that she was safe now. Trying to sound calm, trying to stay calm for her but inside I was so pissed off that any so called person could do this to three innocent little kittens, I mean really… so you have a dilemma, you have kittens that you cannot keep so you put your heads together and dropping them on the street is the best solution that you can come up with?
I’m sorry but this is just so lame to me. I am not a violent person at all but I would seriously like to punch this person.
So back to the beauty of it all….as soon as I get her in the house I am greeted by the little guy in this photograph who temporarily goes by the name Zebra. LOL
My friend Sandy is keeping them at her house until we can find them homes. Sandy is the beauty in all of this….her heart never ceases to amaze me. She doesn’t want anymore cats, she has 6 now of her own, though she did say having kittens in the house again is pretty fun. LOL But it doesn’t matter what she wants in a perfect world, these babies need her help and she is helping them.
Sandy…I’m so glad I know you.
Model is Zebra and Zebra’s don’t belong on the street. :)

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