The Baby

This is Alex and he is my baby, he is the youngest of my kitty crew.

My Alex is always trying to work his way to the top of the hierarchy around here but always seems to fall a bit short. LOL

If any of you have multiple cats then you may know how it goes with the pecking order when it comes to cats. Since Roo passed on it has been an all out fight for his position of number two under Mikey. I think Alex figured since he is a male that he would automatically claim that spot but my female Belle (his aunt) set him straight with a quickness. LOL

I would like to say he is at number three but to be there he would have to get passed Daisy and well…that won’t happen anytime soon either, she can still take him.

So Alex tries to focus his power over the only one he can and that would be Sissy but then I step in because Sissy is at the bottom of this whole Hierarchy thing and well…I’m her mom and I just protect her. :)

So I think Alex is a bit frustrated with his position and all but he is still sweet as sugar, I just adore him.

For those who do not know, I rescued Alex at 3 weeks of age…his mom was a Feral cat that I trapped to be spayed and released. She ended up being a sweet baby as well and so instead of being released back into her environment, she found herself a home with my friend Julie and she goes by the name of Bella now. She is also the sister of my cat Belle.

Confused yet? LOL

All of the kittens from the litter Alex was in were placed in loving homes.

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