Happy 9th Birthday Mikey

  And This is What I Get

“I give my Mom the best nine years of her life and all I get is a stupid ball with a feather on a stick”


But it’s a cool ball that you wind up and the stick and feather spin around for a long time…all the cats love it…except for Mikey. This right here is the look I get when I place it near him….
I even added one of his favorite toys to it, The blue squirmy wormy, still, it’s a no go. LOL I still get the look as if he thinking …..Really?

He really is a brat cat, always has been, I’m sure he is playing with it when I am not looking.

Mikey loves his toys but not your usual toys, Mikey’s absolute favorite toys is his stick, yep, a stick. He has had the same stick since he was a baby and he will bring it to me to play. He likes it when I put the stick under the blanket and make it poke out from underneath and then make it disappear again. He goes crazy for this and he hunts down that stick and kills it. LOL He also has another squirmy wormy tied to another stick that he really enjoys playing that same game with.

But he is not having anything to do with this stick on a ball thing, at least not when I am looking.

Oh, well, he got other things for his Birthday that he seemed to enjoy, all the food stuff. LOL.

We had a great day but then again, with Mikey , all the days are great.

Model is Mikey…unimpressed.

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