Warning...This Post is Graphic with the Intention to only Help

Last nights it all started off so innocent. I ran across a photograph of a seal that resembled my Mikey a great deal so I decided to do a little post about it over at Redbubble in Cats Pajamas. It was really cute and here is the result.....LOL

So anyway, while I am getting these photos of the seals, I run across some things that disturbed me a great deal. Now I am not an idiot, I have known my whole life about the "Seal Hunt" in Canada, I have done just about everything I can do as an individual to help them the best I can..........except for looking at the photographs or the videos. Maybe that is lame but I have seen so much animal abuse in my lifetime and I just didn't want to see it happening to that cute little seal face. But as I said, I just happened to see it while looking at something else.

At first it's just a glance at a small thumbnail on the screen the catches my eye, I know immediately what it's about and everything in me wants to look away and go about what I was doing but it was too late, how could I do that? Those poor babies had to endure that horror, the least I could do is look at this one photograph.
Now I am going to show you what I saw when I opened that photograph and there is no blood at all in this photo but to me, it is the most graphic picture I have ever seen. Here it is....

Yes, people, that is an actual adult person getting ready to club that seal to death. I won't say human being because there is nothing human about this person at all. I wish I could take that club from him and stick it up his you know what. This Photograph angers me in a way that not many have and I have seen plenty and don't get me wrong they all piss me off but this hits a place within me that no other has touched. This is flippin' bullshit.

At that point I was totally compelled to see the rest of the photographs and I will now show them to you as well so if you can't handle this stuff then you may want to exit now. I apologize ahead of time for the graphic nature of what you are about to see but these seals need a voice damn it....we have to stop this crap.

If you are anything like me at all, these photographs will be so difficult to look at. I have been crying since last night and though I have always known about the "Seal Hunt" , I never imagined something like this at all.
I mean WTF? This is outrageous and I cannot believe there are people in this world who can do this, these people are truly sick individuals and I don't want to hear any excuses either because any person who can club an innocent baby seal to death over money doesn't deserve to even live, I don't want to breathe the same air as these murderers.

People, we have to stop all of this violence against the animals, not just the seals. It's wrong and we are just too smart to have to do this for any reason. Look at the face of this seal....

We have to help them.

Please go to Harpseals.org  or to IFAW to see what you can do to help.........Please.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Very sad.

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