Mikey Needs to Share

Ok, so last night I am upstairs on the computer and I hear my 6 year old Haley downstairs and she sounds mad, she was not yelling but she had that tone. I listened for a moment and did a mental inventory and came to the realization that there could not be anyone down there for her to be getting mad at.
So I walk down there and there the she is, one hand on the hip and the other one is pointing….and there he is, Mikey and he is sitting in a box. The box is what Roo’s grave marker came in. (I will upload a pic of it later, so beautiful, an angel cat with wings and Roo’s name inscribed on it, makes me happy)
So anyway, the box is way bigger than it needed to be for this marker but Mikey was all good with that.
Apparently, Mikey is not the only one in the house with a box fetish.
As soon as Haley turned and saw me downstairs she said “Mom, Mikey needs to share” I started to laugh which turned out to be the response she was not looking for. By this time she is full on pissed off, she said “everytime I try to get near the box he tries to get me, he’s not being nice and he is not sharing Mom, I want to play with the box too.”
Mikey is sitting in the box just looking all smug.
He is totally deaf so he cannot hear a word of what she is rambling but he knows she wants the box and he’s got it and I swear I could see a smirk on his face.
So then I really start laughing and Haley was not amused, “she said this is not fair, you need to teach him how to share.” Then she looked at Mikey and said forget it, I don’t want the box anymore and she stuck her tongue out at him and he just got more comfortable in his new box. LOL She told him “you wait until tonight when it’s bed time and you want to cuddle in my bed, nope, I’m not doing it.”
I am still laughing. It was too funny .
About an hour or so later I was doing laundry and I was out there a while, when I came back into the house it was quiet so I went in Haley’s room to check on her and she was fast asleep…and Mikey was right there next to her, head on her pillow, she had her arm around him.
Model is Mikey

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