Honor Thy Father

I knew since the day I took this photograph at Discovery Kingdom two years ago that I would post it in honor of a very special human being.
His name is George Adamson, otherwise known as
Baba ya Simba
"The Father of Lions".

Some of you may know of him already from the book/movie "Born Free" Elsa's Legacy.
For those of you who do not know....
George Adamson began his journey of saving lions with Elsa, but it far from ended there. He spent his entire life not just fighting for these animals but living with them as well in Kenya where he made it his mission to reintroduce lions back into the wild that had been removed from the wild.

George spent most of his life living with Lions but in the end he would lose his life at the hands of humans.

I encourage you to visit
Father of Lions
to read more about this incredible man and his wife too. It will be a visit you will not soon forget.

George was also the man that reintroduced "Christian the Lion" back into the wild. If you don't know of Christian then you really, really need to see this video
I promise you it is absolutely worth seeing.
(You will need tissue for the happy cry though) It's very moving.

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