Cats Don't Like Water

Not much anyway.

The other day I woke up to a very loud noise, when I sat up in my bed, I saw my Mikey trying with all his might to get out of the fish tank, yep, yep, yep.

It all started out with good intentions, Goldie, our wonderful fishy use to be downstairs but she didn't get much interaction down there in the play room so I decided to move her upstairs where she could see more faces and have a more exciting life since she is an ‘only fishy’.
I did however put her in a different tank, this one being much taller than the other one and apparently not so easy to get out of if you were a cat that happened to fall in by accident. The problem obviously with this new tank was that it didn't have a cover, so I ordered one online and was making the best of it with a makeshift cover until the new one arrived. Well...
Mikey I guess jumped from my computer table to the top of the tank because I remember waking up and seeing him sitting on my keyboard, I dozed back off and woke up to seeing his little back feet against the glass at the bottom of the tank and his front paws latched at the top and he was struggling to get out big time but he made it. I immediately thought that he had eaten my sweet gold fish but looking in the tank along with all the stuff that had fallen in, there she was all safe and sound. (sigh)

I guess I have succeeded in giving Goldie some excitement, not really how I planned but she is no worse for the wear and as you can see here, she is still flirting with Mikey.

Needless to say, Mikey has a new found respect for Goldie AND her environment; he seems content just watching her now. LOL

Models are Goldie and Mikey

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