And Today he is Ten years Old

On this day ten years ago...I found a friend in you, yet you are the one who chose me.

Life has just been better because of you. My days brighter, my nights never lonely.
I don't think I have ever looked at you in all these ten years without smiling.
The laughter that you have brought into my life has saved me more times than I can count.
Your love and friendship make me so strong.

I adore all of your little kitty ways, even the one's that are not always convenient; like pawing at my face at 3am with that startling deaf meow of yours, though that meow has been my alarm clock for many years now, at your 7am pawing.
People may assume that because I am the human in this friendship, that I would be the one in charge...but that has never really been true now has it?
You have clearly been in charge for about ten years now.

But that's not a bad thing because your wishes are my wishes too.
I love loving you even when you are telling me what to do.

Some have even tried to say that you are demanding but to are just a very good communicator.

Ok, sometimes, I know you are working me but the thing is....I'm good with that

If you get every single thing you ever want in this life, then I will have succeeded in showing you my gratitude....for that day that you chose me.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mikey!

Anonymous said...

Most famous Cat on the internet!
Happy Birthday little dude.

Anonymous said...

This is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

I love Mikey's House, great Info thanks.

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