While he is sleeping

white cat sleeping

I watch him as he is sleeping, so sweet, so peaceful.

I wonder if he really knows just how much he means to me,
and how many times he has saved me from the dark.

I watch him as he dreams, eyes flickering, hearing his cute little noises as he breathes.

Does he dream of wild things and running through the woods?

Does he dream of climbing trees and chasing birds?

I wonder if he dreams of something more....

Have I been to him, all that he is to me?


The Island Cats said...

That's beautiful.

Carla Sidiropoulos said...

I believe that you are as dear to them as they are to you and there is no connection that even comes close to what they can give to you and what you give back because I have my Frankie and he only sees me. I know what you feel. You are blessed!! <3

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