Please Don't Leave Your Animals Behind When You Move

I understand hardship...I really do. I have been there myself and it's difficult no doubt but it's not an excuse.

This last weekend I helped my friend Sandy move and when we arrived at her new place I noticed immediately that there were 2 more cats than Sandy usually has, she has 5 of her own. I asked her where they came from and she told me that the previous tenants left them there when they moved.

Well, first of all, thank goodness for people like Sandy who just figures she has two more cats now. These two abandoned cats got lucky because Sandy is just a good person and will not turn them away.

How do people like these previous tenants make this right within their own head? I mean really, with all of the options available today, why in the world would a person just choose to leave their animals to fend for themselves? And what goes through the cats mind when they realize their family is gone and they don't come back? Here they are now, hungry, thirsty, scared and on their own. Sorry but this angers me.
The least they could do is leave a damn note or something, even if just to share information about the animals so the new tenant is not left in the dark about the animal's health etc.

As it is the two cats left behind do not look so healthy, they look like they have upper respiratory infections with the watery eyes which could just be a cold but it could also be a symptom of something more serious. Sandy has her own cats and now she has to worry about exposing them to something unknown though her cats are vaccinated there is still the possibility not to mention the fact that this will now cost Sandy money for veterinary care just find out and then more to get them treated.

As I said, these cats lucked out, they get Sandy.

These previous tenants should be ashamed of themselves for treating these poor cats this way. Leaving animals behind when you move should NEVER be an option. Finding them a new home is the responsible thing to do. I know it's not easy but it would seem much easier than driving away leaving your helpless animals behind to find their own way.

When we decide to take in an animal, this is a lifetime commitment, it comes with a responsibility to the animal, they are not disposable.

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot take your little friends with you when you move or if you have just decided you no longer wish to keep the animal because of behavioral problems etc, there is help out there.

Here are some links that may help you...

Please do the right thing.

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