I wish that I could just see him run again

sitting on grass

I wish that I could just see him run again, like he did when he was young.
My little hurricane as he shot through the house, over the chairs knocking stuff off the tables
He would hit the stairs at full throttle and it would take him two leaps and he would be at the top.
I would walk into the bedroom and he would peek out from under the bed then he would grab my ankles. Lol
He would jump from the bed onto the dresser and then to the cat tree and then up to his perch that was made for him that overlooked the entire room, it was almost to the ceiling high.
When he was through with this little outburst of his he would just jump from the perch to the bed.
It really is no wonder why he has arthritis now, he was pretty tough on that body of his
Watching him though was like magic as he sailed through the air and as he would run his hair would blow against him and you just knew you were witnessing how the royals play.
My king.
Model is Mikey
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The Island Cats said...

It's tough watching them get older. ~Island Cat mom

DD said...

Our two longhairs are the express cats, Tiggris is the large grey male "Peruvian Forest Cat" and Bubbles the youngest & female "Peruvian Lake Van Non Swimming Cat".

Tiggy has got a bit overweight and that is a current project along with several of the others who've had it a bit easy till now. Bubbles is still capable of a dash along the corridor, table, cabinet, sofa backs and up onto the glass display case. And round again.

But little Shusha, the "Peruvian Oriental Longhair" is the ace jumper, she can leap onto any table and land with no impact at all.

They and the others arrived at various times. We have had doctor's moments with most of them, little Bingo rescued after 5 days starvation on a rooftop, after a few days jumped out of my hand and broke a hip. But it fixed itself, as the doctor ordered, after a week and a few days confined (mostly).

I dread to think, some of them may well survive me. I wonder if that is the wrong way round...


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