Please Help Madi

So...I need your help with something that is very close to my heart.

Most of you know Mikey as my best friend but I have a human best friend as well and her name is Jessica.

A few months ago Jess moved her daughter madi here from Utah and Madi's boyfriend Brennan moved here too.

On June 20, 2019, Brennan took his own life across the street from where they all live. Madi and Jessica are the ones who found him. 

Madi is almost 17 years old and she is this most amazing girl. 

Losing Brennan this way has devastated her. 

Im sharing this with you because Madi has a passion and that passion is horses. 

She needs to heal and I know without a doubt that her horses will see her through this. 

In Utah, Madi was the 2017 Rodeo Queen.

She has been Grand Champion of her 4H for the last 6 years.

2016 Youth and Mustang Champion

2018 mustang vs domestic youth reserve champion

2018 Youth and Mustang Champion.

And she is last years Champion of Impact of the horse.

These are just a few of her Titles, this girl has a pure gift with these horses. 

Impact of the Horse has invited Madi back again this year to compete and she really wants to do it but the money to get there has run short.

With Brennan's Suicide here in Oregon, Madi's Dad came here and had to take off work and Jessica had to  give up a good job so she could be here for Madi. Its been a really tough time for all involved. 

Then they all traveled back to Utah for the funeral and now Jess and Madi are here and all Madi wants to do is ride. 

She wants to to compete in Impact of the Horse and win this for Brennan, its all she wants.

So, Im trying to raise money to get her there because I know she has to do this. 
I lost my best friend to suicide as well so I get this.

And I want to help. 

I have created a GoFundme for Madi and Im asking for donations to go towards, hay, entry fees, gas, stalls, and hotel costs.

If you cant donate please share this. 

If you need more info on the event, I have it.

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