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Well....she made it through surgery ok....Thank God!

But Dr. Weber said her mouth was in REALLY bad shape.

He said it was so tore up that he could not even get her gums to hold a suture. (my poor girl :()

So...he wants to keep her a couple of days in the hospital but I barely have enough money to cover the surgery let alone 2 days in the hospital.

He said he needs to be able to flush her mouth out and keep a close eye on her.

I get that.

So back to fundraising I go, no fun no fun.

And to top it off I spent the entire day online with customer support for Wepay (donation pay site) trying to fix a problem that I never created. They had things all screwed up but finally came through at the end of the day and got things back together.

I am drained. I want to see her so bad. I am bummed she is not coming home tonight. :(

I know you have all done so much already but if you could at least share this maybe someone will want to help out.

Thanks everyone.

Mitsi's Donation Page


If you want to Donate directly to her Vet you can do that below

Newberg Veterinary Hospital

(503) 538-8303

(You will need to give them my name Jennifer Moore and Mitsi's name.)

You can also Donate by PayPal

My Paypal email is


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping her.

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