Mitsi Needs Surgery Soon

Well....Mitsi woke up this morning and she had blood on both sides of her face, down the front of her and on het front legs and paws. The bleeding was obviously from her mouth but it had stopped bleeding but she was a mess.

After I gave her some pain meds I then cleaned her up somewhat as you can see here...once the meds kicked in she wanted to help with the cleanup....but first she ate 2 small cans of food. Usually, she eats just one.

She has been on Veraflox for a couple weeks now, before that it was clavamox and before that it was some other antibiotic. My poor girl has been on one or another since March. She also gets Buprenix daily for pain and she was on steriods for a while. The pain meds take the edge off, but only the edge.

I feel like such a jerk for putting her through all of this...its just difficult to give up on her when she is otherwise healthy.

I rescued Mitsi a few years ago when she was pregnant and living under a trailer. It was raining and she was cold and hungry, she was feral and so scared but she was soooo pregnant, ready to have them any minute, I think that is the reason she allowed me to grab her that night. I had tried to get her before with no luck at all.

I remember bringing her home that night, she just acted so grateful. 

She had her babies the very next day, we were thrilled. For the next two months or so, we were all in heaven...Mitsi was too. She was safe and so were her kittens. They had their own space away from the other animals and all they had to do was just enjoy each day.

It was incredible, she was such a good Mama.

When the kittens were ready I created an online application for their adoption, we had 50 applicants. All of them went to awesome homes and I decided I wanted to keep Mitsi.

She is really a great cat but since she was Diagnosed with Stomatitis, she hides a lot because it hurts so bad.

When she came home with me that first night, all I wanted is for her to have a good life since she had it so rough before.

But she is not having a good life.

The vet needs to pull all of her teeth for her to have a pain free life, I want that for her so badly, she so deserves that. 

But its not happening, I dont have $800 for the surgery. Over the last few years I have spent over $2000 on her illness, but its been a little at a time. 

I have tried GofundMe and raised some..bless all of you who have given to her, every dime has went for her care. I save every receipt also.

I have tried different organizations but they want people that are unemployed or have some hardship but I dont have either. I just have a little kid and 6 other cats to support which doesnt leave me a lot left over. The bills are paid , we have what we need...except for this surgery.

I spoke with her vet and we are going to get together in the next few days to figure out what we need to do...

If we cant get this done, I wont have any other choice but to put her to rest because this is really no way to live for her...her mouth looks like hamburger meat inside and now she is getting the ulcers on her chin and lips.

I cant do this anymore, I love her too much.

This is not how it was all suppose to go...I just wanted to help her.

So this is my last ditch effort...

If anyone wants to donate money for her surgery you can do so by donating directly to Mitsi's vet. Her vets nane is

 Tina Johnson at Newberg Veterinary Hospital

 the number is 


If you do donate to her vet please let me know this way I am not calling the vet constantly.

I also have Paypal so if that is easier then you can do that also.

My PayPal email is

Prayers work too and your support means everything to me.

I just have to give it another try. 

Thanks for reading this I know it was long.

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