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When You walked Into My Life

I waited all that time
Counting minutes as they passed
Searching for a sign
Wishing for the best
And just when my hopes were wearing thin
You taught my heart to love again

When you appeared
Like sight to the blind
Like music to my ears
Like a reason to a rhyme
And just when I thought my chances were gone
Love came to me with open arms

Like a miracle out of the blue
You rescued me like the angels do
You shook the heavens and cracked the sky
When you walked...when you walked into my life

Mikey and I became best friends almost 9 years ago. Our friendship began because I had just lost my little boy at birth. Mikey was only a few months old then but he rescued me, he saved me from that dark place a person goes to when sorrow fills their soul.
Mikey was born deaf and at the time I thought he really needed me. Turns out it was me who needed him.
He has never let me down.
This is Mikey, he is my best friend.

Song is by Lila McCann

Pure Mischief
Mikey is such a character, his personality has always been bigger than life. He is so animated, his expressions sometimes are just priceless.

In this photograph Mikey is just looking for something to get into, like always.

My Get What I Want Face

And it so works for him like you would not believe, this cat has me wrapped around his little paw and he knows it. LOL

Model is Mikey....my best friend.

Just Knowing You

Makes me a better person.

Model is Mikey

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