Roo was put to Rest today

I knew when I looked at him this morning that today was his last day, he looked defeated. I called Dr. Peggy's clinic and they didn't hesitate, we went right in. I had Roo wrapped in his blanket not in his carrier and I held him as Dr. Peggy made it all better. I will not soon forget the look on Dr. Peggy's face but I know I will cherish that look always. Her look told me that she understood, that it hurt her too and it made all the difference in the world.

Roo died in my arms.

Tonight Roo is buried in his grave underneath two oak trees in my garden, this is the first time he has been outside since he came here and it hurts my heart leaving him out there but I know this is his resting place, it just hurts.

I miss you Roo, I so miss you.

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Kate and Lyla said...

No matter how inevitable death is, when that day comes, the pain and loss are excruciating. The only thing that can give you comfort is knowing that you did whatever you could for Roo, and knowing that Roo knows that too. The love you have shines through in every word. Know that you have done everything you could, and should, including letting your baby go without pain and suffering when the time came. We pay such a price when we love our animals so much - but I believe the joy and happiness they give us is worth the emotional toll losing them takes. But it is never easy. Never! Hugs

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